Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Huili is central to our vision and educational ethos and is consistent to that in our sister school in the UK; it affects and influences every aspect of the educational journey a pupil experiences whilst at the school.

Pastoral provision serves as a nurturing and developmental experience for the pupils in our care. Each child is unique, with individual needs, potential, limitations and opportunities. Our pastoral systems focus on the child as an individual and to maximise the development of their potential. Our aim is to provide a transformative experience, fully developing each pupil’s values, identity and aptitudes allowing them to thrive at the school and provide the greatest likelihood of long term happiness and fulfilment.

Pastoral provision for our youngest pupils are provided by the class teachers. It comprises a wellbeing/moral and society programme that takes a proactive and positive approach to personal and social development.

Our older pupils are allocated to a house and follow a structured wellbeing programme designed to equip pupils with the knowledge, aptitudes and skills needed to thrive in life at the school and beyond. Importantly, in wellbeing, pupils are given the tools to fulfilling and rewarding lives whilst also promoting confidence, resilience and self-regulation.

Wellbeing is supported by a number of other services available to pupils including counselling, mentoring and coaching. Each is devised to allow pupils to fulfil their potential at the College and to enhance performance and achievement through professional guidance and support.