Founder’s Message

Huili Education Group and Wellington College China Education Group
Founder and Chair of the Board
Joy Qiao

Wellington College China was founded in 2008, when, on behalf of the Shanghai Lujiazui Group, I was charged to establishing a partnership with one of the leading schools in the world. That journey resulted in a partnership being established with Wellington College, UK and co-founded Wellington College International Tianjin in 2011. Within a decade, Wellington College China has established three international schools in China, with over 1,500 students and more than 500 outstanding teachers. It has developed into one of the most influential education groups in China and has established the reputation as a leader in the industry globally.

Over the past ten years, I have been able to learn much about world leading education in Britain as a result of the close cooperation with Wellington College. For example, the theme-based learning encouraged in our Prep or primary school can cross the boundaries of disciplines and inspire pupils, enquiry-based learning can provide pupils with in-depth learning experience and foster critical thinking and creativity. Our schools respect individual differences and provide opportunities to develop the whole child. The development of pupil character and personality is as important as academic outcomes, with communication, collaboration and leadership being fundamental if our pupils are to be successful at and beyond their time in our schools. What’s more, all our subjects at Wellington are taught in English, which provides an immersive language learning environment to help non-native speakers improve their English.

I remain extremely proud of our international schools, but I hold a deep passion for providing Chinese children the opportunity to access the highest standards of holistic education. In 2014 we launched a private school with the vision of providing a bilingual education to Chinese pupils that integrates educational essence from east and west. This was the foundation of the Huili Education Group.

After four years of development, Huili Education Group is launched in September 2018 and will operate Huili Schools and Nursery in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

In order to ensure we remain progressive in our approach and at the forefront of education we have founded the Huili Institute of Learning. The Huili Institute of Learning aims to shape education in China and beyond through high impact professional learning. The Institute of learning will provide training and engage in research with leading education institutions in China and across the globe. For example, there is a vibrant partnership with Durham University, which is the leader for education in the UK and worldwide, to offer initial teacher training and research.

Huili School follows the curriculum standards and syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education but delivers it in a manner that promotes the values and identity of an authentic Wellington education. Importantly an immersive bilingual model enables pupils to transition seamlessly between Chinese and English.

China is established as a global leader. The precious opportunity this position provides, brings with it the responsibility of establishing education in China as a world leader, a system that sustains the success of the nation. I hope in earnest that our education can help Huili pupils to truly grow into global citizens, but proudly rooted in China. Our vision is for our pupils to build the bridges of language, technology and culture that connect China and the rest of the world, and to become leaders in global development!