Huili School Hangzhou | Reflections on Orientation Sessions

What a wonderful past week it has been with Orientation Sessions taking place throughout the school. It was a chance for new pupils and their families to meet the teaching staff, for students to take part in lessons and meet their fellow classmates and to then collect school uniforms and for some to even learn how to put their new school ties on.

I was immensely proud of all of our academic and non-academic staff and their contributions on the days (and before) and I know that they were all delighted to meet the students and families who we will all be responsible for educating to the very best levels possible over the next year and beyond. A parent was kind enough to e-mail me after her child’s Orientation session the following:

I am very happy that we’re going to Huili school in the coming week. And we saw that everything was well prepared during today’s Orientation day. We’re satisfied with all those arrangement and thanks for your team’s great effort.

After the event, we as a teaching team also reflected on the week’s sessions and some of the teaching staff were kind enough to send me their thoughts. I wish you happy reading – I am sure their views on the last week will be a refreshing change to read.

  • If teachers are the pillars that make school work, children are the light that makes the school shine. And we are ready to be a part of their great expectations here in Huili! 
  • Such a buzz to have children and their families bringing colour and life to the school this week! So many smiling faces; so much positivity and good will from all. This all bodes well for the development of an excellent school community. 
  • A classroom only really comes to life with children in it, and it was an absolute joy to see the fascination and engagement with which they explored the learning environments we have created for them. It was also a great pleasure to meet the families who will share the learning with us and to start building those relationships. I think we all felt the collective excitement of this wonderful beginning. 
  • Pupils are looking forward to start studying at Huili School. During ice-breaker activities, pupils can feel teachers’ enthusiasm and were infected by the relaxed atmosphere. During the school tour, they were excited and wanted to jump into the swimming pool to show off their skills. When they saw the music classroom, they were attracted by all kinds of instruments. Led by our Head of Music/Performing Arts Jennifer Gaul, Pupils tried different instruments and cannot wait to attend a music lesson. Every child had a smile on their face and waved goodbye to their teachers when they left school. They are looking forward to the school opening and the next life in the future. 
  • The adorable new faces I saw on 21st August melted my heart. When they held my hand, smiled at me, and said they would miss me, I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to see them again, and I look forward to beginning a new adventure with them. 
  • It was such a special and beautiful moment watching the expression on each child’s face when they walked into their new learning environment. It was also a wonderful glimpse into the community of our Nursery, filled with such loving and supportive families. 
  • The pupils left an enthusiastic and positive first impression for me. I believe that they are all have the potential to be the best students in the global arena. Therefore, I plan to go to run the swimming club for them after school, 19:00-20:00 from Monday to Friday, to develop their physical power, mental strength and their overall swimming technique. In the future we hope to push our best swimmers into representing the College at Provincial, National and possibly one day, International competitions. 
  • After a month of training with Huili values and beliefs “in hand” at the ready and teaching expertise ready to go; we finally got to see what all our intentions and endeavors were for-the children and the reassurance to the parents that this decision will certainly create an achievement for their children’s future. To finally meet face to face and gauge the energy of the children and to see them engage with the purpose built premises was exhilarating to watch and be part of. 
  • First of all, I’m very happy to work at Huili Nursery School. In recent weeks, all staff have been working very hard to prepare classrooms and looking forward to seeing our pupils. In last two orientation days, teachers guided parents in good order and had a very pleasant conversation with parents. All pupils were curious about classrooms. 
  • Many parents and their children came to the nursery very early. They were all happy. Parents guided children to visit the classrooms and they talked to teachers. Most of children were interested in the materials provided by us. The parents asked the teacher questions about, sleeping, playing, language and other details in the nursery’s life. Most parents are friendly and inclusive! Children liked the classrooms very much, they could find things they like in it. I feel very glad to be a number of Huili Nursery Hangzhou. When parents and children visited and learned about the nursery, I felt very happy and satisfied. What we did was well worth it. I think the orientation day is a precious experience. Not only for parents and children, but also for us. 
  • I’m deeply impressed by the children’s lovely handwriting on the sign-in sheet and parents’ bright smiles as well as their politeness with “excuse me” and “thank you”. It is their presence that makes the orientation an exciting ritual. 
  • It was a real pleasure to meet the founding students of Hui house. My hope is that in the years to come they are able to look back on this moment with pride, knowing they were the first students to set the high standard that Huili school will be known for. There was a real sense of community all through the school. 
  • It was pure joy watching students enter the classroom with expressions of curiosity and wonder. Seeing their bright smiles and hearing their enthusiasm made me all the more excited to get this school year under way. Looking forward to working alongside this superb group of families and students. 
  • Our afternoon was action packed. Our “Snowball” game was a huge hit, with students creating a “snowstorm” with paper on which they wrote their name, favourite food and colour. Students then picked up the “snowballs” to discover the identities of their new De House friends. There was lots of laughter and excitement. Many students commented on the enormous music department during their tour and enjoyed seeing the different instruments. One boy was very excited about the Huili cafeteria and wondered if he might be able to see a menu! It was a relief and thrill to meet the students of our house and begin developing relationships with them all. 
  • In the orientation days, I felt that every parent was full of expectations for the school and recognized the environment we created. Some parents told me that Huili school in his mind is the first bilingual school in Hangzhou. The pupils were a little shy at first, but when they got into the class and saw the materials in different areas, they began playing with the materials and greeting the teachers. Some children asked the teacher questions. I think our children should adapt to the school environment quickly. 
  • It was an exciting experience to work for the Orientation Day and meet the nice parents and lovely children. It is necessary to have such an orientation meeting a week ahead of the first school day, because we could meet children in person, get to know a little bit of their personalities which helps for us to reflect and organize the future lesson plans. Students were more positive and open than we thought before meeting them. I would like to show gratitude to all the Huili staff, who cooperated to make this two-day orientation run smoothly. It strengthens our understandings of the Huili values and the cohesion of the whole team. 
  • It was a privilege to be part of first few steps of a fantastic journey ahead of us; seeing all those smiling faces walking through the doors joining us on the journey. 
  • The Orientation Day was great, there was a happy feeling about the school and it was great to see the staff and children enjoying their new environment. I was so impressed with the children who came to visit the library, they were friendly, respectful and inquisitive – already Wellingtonians in the making! 
  • It was wonderful to finally meet students. After a shy and nervous beginning, it was lovely to see the students quickly begin to feel comfortable, start to mingle, laugh, play and bond with each other and their teachers during ice-breaker activities. A really positive experience and I’m looking forward to many more.