3 Steps to Submit Your Application

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-Enrollment Plan

Enrollment will be available for Early Years (Early Years1-4), Primary (Grades 1-6)and Junior High (Grade 7) in the 2018-2019 academic year. Children who are at the age of the applied grade can be enrolled without restrictions on household registration or nationality.  Application forms can be accepted from now on so if interested please submit the materials in line with the following steps.

-Admissions Process

We use OpenApply admissions management system to ensure that the admissions process is as smooth, friendly and easy as possible. Our admissions process consists of three clear steps.

Step 1: Submit an application by completing the Application form in OpenApply

https://wellingtoncollegehangzhou.openapply.com/apply (or click the link at the bottom)

If you have already created an OpenApply account: log back into the OpenApply account you created when you submitted your registration of interest by clicking the ‘Parent Login’ button.

If you have not created an OpenApply account before: submit an application and create an OpenApply parent account by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ button.

Step 2: Submit the required Application documents

Once you have submitted an application, the next step is to submit all of the required documents. A checklist of required documents can be found in your OpenApply parent account.

Step 3: Interview and classroom experience

Once you have finished the above-mentioned steps, you will be contacted by a member of the Admissions Department, who will explain more information about the College, and offer assistance with the next steps in the admissions process including interview, classroom experience, etc. By going through these steps, there will be a comprehensive understanding of your child and whether he/she is suitable to enroll or not.

-Admission equirements

Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou is a selective school but does not select based upon academic criteria alone. In line with the ethos of the College, we aim to admit pupils with a wide range of skills and abilities. The characteristics that are considered particularly important in the selection and decision making process include:

  • Academic ability, enthusiasm for arts, music, sports and service
  • A willingness to work hard with a positive attitude towards learning
  • An international outlook and desire to become a global citizen of the future
  • A desire to grow into a true Wellingtonian and develop in a range of skills by taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer at Wellington and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the Wellington community
  • Aspiration to fulfil and live by the Wellington core values of kindness, courage, respect, integrity and responsibility

Welcome to “Meet the Master parent information session” for more information!

 2018年4月校长见面会开放预约 Meet the Master in April 2018