Thinking about Joining Huili? Check out Our Top 10 FAQs

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a family can make. At Huili School Hangzhou, we offer a world-class, research-based holistic bilingual education that promotes both academic and personal development. Since opening in August 2018, Huili pupils have experienced rapid progress in all areas due to our passionate teaching team, immersive bilingual environment, enquiry-based learning strategies and a wide range of co-curricular activities.

If you are interested in joining Huili School Hangzhou, we recommend you attend our upcoming Meet the Master parent information session on Saturday, April 20th. Here you will have a chance to hear from our academic team, led by Mr. Paul Rogers, Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou. To register, please scan the QR code below.

Below are 10 of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We look forward to meeting you in person at our Meet the Master parent information session, where we will have an opportunity to answer the questions that are important to you.

01. What are your admissions standards? What are you looking for in your pupils?

At all Wellington College and Huili Education family of schools, we truly believe in providing a holistic education that helps children develop the skills they will require to succeed in this rapidly changing world. Therefore, while Huili School Hangzhou is a selective school, we do not enroll children based upon academic criteria alone. We aim to admit pupils with a wide range of skills and abilities. The characteristics that are considered particularly important in the selection and decision – making process include:

  • Academic ability, enthusiasm for arts, music, sports and service
  • A willingness to work hard with a positive attitude towards learning
  • An international outlook and a desire to be a global citizen of the future
  • A desire to develop in a range of areas by taking full advantage of the opportunities on offer at Huili School and a commitment to making a positive contribution to the Huili community
  • Aspiration to fulfil and live by the Huili core values of kindness, courage, respect, integrity and responsibility

In addition to these criteria, parents also play an integral role in our Huili Community. We understand that in order to provide the best possible education we must form a partnership between the parents and the school and must work closely and collaboratively. As a result, we look forward to meeting families who embody our values and identities, who understand the value of bilingual education and who are committed to working positively with the school to build up our caring community. In short, there is no one criteria that Huili School Hangzhou uses to select our pupils. We are seeking well-rounded individuals and families who share our educational philosophy and will take advantage of all the opportunities on offer within the school.

02. Do you offer a school bus? What are the bus routes?

Yes, Huili School Hangzhou offers a professional, safe and convenient bus programme throughout the city of Hangzhou. We are extremely proud of the bus company that has been selected following a rigorous tendering process. School buses are available for pupils from Grade 1 and above.

We currently have 14 bus routes covering the majority of Hangzhou and reaching the vast majority of our families. Parents can go to our official website and click ‘School life’ – ‘Services’ – ‘School Buses’ – ‘School Bus Schedule’ to view the most updated but routes.

Our bus company uses an intelligent route planning system to calculate the most efficient routes through the city, ensuring that we reach as many of our families as possible, while keeping commute times to a minimum. Prior to each school year, new bus routes will be calculated using the address information of our parents. In order to assist us in planning the routes efficiently, we encourage parents who want to use our bus service to submit their bus application forms as soon as possible.

Some of the key features of our school bus service are:

  • Air purifiers on all school buses to ensure the safety of the children
  • Mobile messaging system to alert parents when children alight the bus
  • Mapping system to show parents where the buses are at all times (via mobile app)
  • Central managing system where the routes of all buses, and their current speed, are tracked in real-time
  • Regular safety drills and inspections

03. Do you offer boarding?

Yes. Pupils in Grade 4 and above can apply for boarding.

Ming Boarding House provides a safe, caring, family community that is built on a foundation of trust, mutual respect, openness and empathy within a close-knit community. It supports pupils to flourish as individuals through encouraging academic growth, character development and enrichment.

Our structured, rich and varied boarding programme enables our pupils to focus on their academic work as well as supporting their individual talents. It also seeks to challenge pupils to stretch their own capacities. Pupils are encouraged to develop socially, academically, spiritually and morally as well as foster a culture of independence in a caring, supportive and warm environment that seeks to inspire and empower pupils.

Boarders benefit from our team of dedicated and caring house staff. The house staff are made up of Boarding Mistress, Head of House, Boarding Mentors, Matron, Boarding Nurse and at times interns. The combination of male and female staff, most of whom are bilingual, have a wide range and wealth of experience both academically and pastorally. They will be on hand to listen to, guide, inspire, advise and motivate our boarders through creating strong relationships and a good understanding of the individual needs of everyone within their care.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a home away from home where pupils thrive in all that they do, where they develop life-long friendships, learn how to interact with different people and enjoy their education to the fullest. We aim to help pupils to become resilient, with a sense of understanding and compassion for others and grow into accomplished global citizens equipped with all the skills to enable them to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

04. How can you ensure that the air quality within the school is safe?

All Wellington College schools take the health and safety of our pupils and staff as the number one priority. This extends from the quality and safety of the materials chosen to construct and furnish the school, through to the air that our community members breath throughout the day. The school has been constructed by the same team who built Wellington College International Shanghai, to the same high Wellington specifications of safety and quality. Prior to the school opening, the campus was extensively tested by an independent, world-renowned 3rd-party who provided extensive reports showing that the air inside the campus met all safety standards.

At any time when the outside Air Quality Index exceeds 175 ppm of PM2.5, outside activities are suspended and children are required to hold their break-times inside. We are fortunate to have extensive indoor facilities, including a 1,500 square metre indoor gymnasium that can be used during these times.

All school buildings are installed with a centralised ventilation system including G4+F8 filters, which can filter more than 85% of PM2.5 air pollution particles. But we don’t stop there. In addition to this, every single classroom is equipped with a Panasonic Air Purification system. We stay committed to the health and well-being of our children, and our high-quality air purification system and our environmental-friendly building materials are evidence of that commitment.

Parents of Huili School Hangzhou can rest assured that their children will be taught in a clean and safe environment.

05. Do you have Senior High school? Why don’t you open grades higher than Grade 8 this year?

From Grade 9 onwards, our pupils will begin to embark on the rigorous IGCSE programme, which will be delivered in English. From there pupils will choose to pursue either the A Level or IB Diploma Programme. We wish to ensure that all pupils who enter Huili School Hangzhou have at least two years within the unique Wellington College environment to prepare them both academically and socially for the rigors of Senior High.

06. What kind of support will you provide to help pupils get enrolled in universities worldwide? Do you have connections with the top universities?

As with all Wellington College schools, we will employ professional and experienced university guidance counsellors who, as a part of our unique pastoral care programme, will work with each individual pupil in helping them to determine an appropriate tertiary study path that matches their interests and abilities. We will coach them through the university entrance process ensuring that they apply for the universities they desire to enter. We are confident that all Huili School pupils, when embodying the Huili Identities, will be viewed as favourable applicants to the top-universities around the world. This is in line with the previous strong track-record of other Wellington College China schools, who already have extensive and enviable university acceptances, and a range of deep relationships with top universities around the world.

07. I know your educational model brings together the best of Chinese and British education. Is that a disadvantage if I plan to apply for American universities?

Children who pursue Senior High at Huili School Hangzhou can use their study credits to apply for universities around the world, and indeed will be viewed as favourable applicants given the range of additional experiences they will obtain throughout their time at the School. As the world moves more towards a knowledge and skills-based economy, universities are looking for more than academic results. They desire applicants who can demonstrate a range of abilities and extra-curricular experiences, such as those on offer, encouraged and supported at Huili School Hangzhou.

08. Do you accept pupils from outside of Hangzhou?

Huili School Hangzhou is an inclusive school and accepts pupils from a range of different cultures and background. There is no limit on nationality or household registration. We have pupils from all parts of China, and pupils from different countries. For specific criteria relating to Xueji transfer, please communicate directly with our admissions team.

09. What textbooks do you use at Huili School Hangzhou?

At Huili School Hangzhou we provide all of the textbooks required by the Chinese national curriculum. In addition to this, we provide a range of other textbooks and teaching resources to allow our teachers to enhance their teaching by bringing in a rich variety of materials.

We believe that good teaching does not rely on one textbook alone, and instead requires teachers to integrate resources from a wide range of sources and to plan their lessons appropriately. Each subject will also differ greatly with regards to the use of textbooks. For further information we welcome parents to communicate with our academic team at future information sessions.

10. What is the relationship between Wellington College in England and Huili School Hangzhou? What is Wellington College’s involvement in the operations of Huili School Hangzhou?

Huili School Hangzhou is a part of the Huili Education group and Wellington College China. As with all Wellington College schools, Huili School Hangzhou benefits from the deep relationships between the family of schools, from governance to pupil and faculty exchanges.

As a proud member of the extended Wellington College family of schools, Huili School Hangzhou receives regular visits from members of Wellington College in England, whether for providing academic advice, ongoing professional development to our staff, or for arranging pupil exchanges, such as annual summer camps where Huili pupils can spend time at Wellington College.

Due to safety reasons, we do not accept walk-in visitors who have not made an appointment with the admissions department. However, we do provide opportunities for parents to visit the school and learn more about what makes Huili School Hangzhou unique. The next such opportunity will be the Meet the Master parent information session on April 20th 2019. To register to attend please scan the QR code below.