A Magical Maths Week

What a great time our Huili pupils had during Maths week! Not only did they learn how to apply maths through different classes and activities, they also made creative presentations on their outcomes. Through these presentations, our pupils demonstrated the Huili identities of being intellectual and developing themselves as individuals.

Through cross-curricular activities, pupils further experienced the widespread application of maths in other subjects including science.

In P.E. classes, pupils learned about time and how to round numbers through relay races, and how to measure and calculate heights and lengths through kangaroo jump exercises.

In their music classes, pupils learned how to “skip count” by clapping to beats, and used different rhythms to represent different numbers.

In art classes, pupils made paper fish of equal size to learn about the concept of angles. They even made beautiful tessellating fish using their imagination and creativity.

Maths is not only found in aspects of other subjects, but also in our daily lives. Our pupils examined their studies and personal lives through the lens of mathematics, and then displayed their own understanding of the fact that maths is everywhere around us.

G1 and G2 pupils observed animals, plants and buildings for any possible application of their maths knowledge, and presented their findings to other pupils and teachers at an exhibition.

G3 and G4 pupils explored the significance and application of maths not only in toys and food, but also from the perspectives of astronomy, the military, and art. They also tried to unveil the mystery of maths in daily life.

Some of our G5 and G6 pupils made a presentation of mathematicians around the world from different times, while others explained in detail the origins of several maths concepts and their historical evolvement. Some even designed interesting games for other pupils and parents based on math problems for them to solve.

We aspire to create a caring, bilingual community at Huili School Hangzhou. Parents were invited to attend and engage in this year’s Maths Week exhibition to enjoy the fun of learning maths with their children.

Maths Week has come to an end, but the journey of exploration for Huili pupils never ends. They will keep learning not only in their classes, but from each other, too. We are looking forward to seeing them continue on their journey of math and how they become lifelong learners.