A Warm Welcome to Our Youngest Huili Pupils

What a fantastic experience it was with the two-day Orientation Days taking place throughout the Nursery last week. It was a chance for the children to get to know the campus and join the Huili family in a joyous mood.

Tia Zhu, Deputy Head of Early Years, and teachers gave a warm welcome to incoming children and their parents.

The warm smiles from Western and Chinese teachers were reassuring.

Children were full of curiosity during the Orientation Days as they prepared for a long-awaited academic year. However, it was the first time for some children, especially those in EY1 and EY2, to leave home under their parents care and begin their formal school life. At first, children were accompanied by their parents as they walked into the Nursery for the first time.

Now, carefully looked after by welcoming teachers, they have quickly adjusted to their new lives and fallen in love with their new school environment.

The learning environment is essential for early years education. With this in mind, Nursery teachers have carefully looked into the background and history of each and every child prior to the beginning of the school year, and made their personal interests visible in the classroom design.

Family photos of each child have been put inside their classrooms to help them adjust to campus life. Teachers have carefully considered pupils’ interests and personalities in advance and have prepared toys and picture books accordingly. When children started playing with toys and games, they instantly connected with teachers. Some playmates even became friends immediately.

Besides interesting activities, children had their profile photos taken by professional photographers during the Orientation Days. Lovely and earnest, our newest Huili pupils have left their adorable impressions in the photos, marking a new stage of their lives.

Welcome, our youngest Huili pupils! Let us look forward to an amazing new school year!