An Inspired Huili Community Embraces Sports Day

Last Friday, we held our Sports Day for G5 to G8 pupils, and it was a great chance for each one of them to participate and showcase their physical prowess. As we watched them gather at the school pavilion and compete vigorously for their houses, we were all reminded of the Huili identity of being inspired.

Mr. Paul Rogers, Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, Helena Xin, Principal of Huili School Hangzhou, and Guoqiang Shen, Head of Junior High, attended the opening ceremony and boosted the morale of our Huili pupils.

Huili pupils are encouraged to strengthen their willpower and develop their teamwork skills through sport so they can fulfill their potential and build their sense of character. This is an indispensable part of our holistic approach to education at Huili School Hangzhou.

50m /100m Sprint

400m/800m Sprint

4x100m Relay

Obstacle Run

Three-Legged Race

Long Jump

Standing Broad Jump

High Jump


Bench Jump


Tennis Ball Throw


Tug of War

The Dukebox MCs served as the commentators of the day’s events, interviewing Huili athletes and parents and making the atmosphere more competitive than ever.

As a significant part of the Huili community, many parents came to watch the games at the school pavilion, too. One could see the expectations in their eyes while they cheered for their children, for whom they were the greatest source of encouragement and recognition.

Meanwhile, let us applaud our backstage heroes: our P.E. teachers and school nurses. It was their hard work that made this wonderful Sports Day possible.