Boarding Programme

Wellington College holds a deep tradition for boarding. Indeed, it is viewed as an extension of our educational model and central to becoming a Wellingtonian. In China, there is also a long tradition of boarding provision, which extends back to the time of Confucius. At Huili School Hangzhou we seek to bring together the very best boarding practices to create an environment in which our pupils thrive.

Boarding Programme

At Huili School Hangzhou, the boarding experience is designed to support the development of the Huili identity; pupils that are Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive. This is achieved through our commitment to a holistic education that is enhanced through boarding. Pupils enjoy a rich and varied programme in the safe and supportive boarding house that serves as a family away from home.

In the boarding house, pupils will become part of a House and through this build strong relationships with their peers. Boarding is led by a Boarding Master, who holds a senior position within the College. Each House comprises a House Master supported by the work of the House Tutors. Each pupil will experience a programme that is designed to promote the identities whilst also allowing the pupils time to study and socialise. Pupils will have access to personal and social development activities supported by the House Tutors and House Masters, along with opportunities to enhance their exploration of sports and the arts. A rich and structured programme allows pupils to be inspired, supported and challenged.

The benefits of boarding at Huili School Hangzhou are rooted in the Huili identity. Boarding pupils are provided a nurturing environment in which pupils:

  • Are inspired by the personal, social, sporting, creative and academic opportunities provided in the boarding house and as part of the boarding programmes
  • Have the opportunity to engage with learning at a deeper and more personal level through extended study sessions enhanced with personalised learning support
  • Develop independence, self-confidence and acquire the social skills required to be successful at the College and beyond
  • Explore and develop individuality, character and an understanding of self, whilst also establishing strong friendships
  • Become part of an inclusive environment in which pupils live out the Huili values of respect, responsibility, kindness, courage and integrity
  • Are supported to achieve academic excellence
  • Prepared for adulthood

Most of all, life in the boarding house is stimulating and fun!

For each House, there is a dedicated staff team made up of House Tutors, a boarding assistant and interns who live within the House itself and are on hand to support, motivate, listen and guide pupils.

The Boarding House and Facilities

The boarding house has been designed with pupil care and safety in mind, including a secure door system with ID cards integrated into the building.

The building is split into two symmetrical sides for boys and girls. The building has the very best facilities. Multiple games and common rooms provide ample space for pupils to relax in their free time and socialise with peers.

Boarder will have access to the library and other learning areas for supervised prep.


Boarders will have opportunities to develop responsibility and leadership skills. Pupils will be allowed take on a number of responsibilities including chairing house committees, giving tours of the House and organising House events. This will be supported by the boarding programme that will specifically provide input on leadership development.