A Campus full of Possibilities: From Vision to Reality

In March we wrote about our campus as a “Campus full of possibilities”. Back then we were full of optimism as we worked hard on making sure the College was ready to open in August 2018. Now, with just a few short months to go until we hold our first classes, it has been fantastic to watch this vision become a reality. We have watched as our 3D renderings, a vision of things to come, have turned into photographs of the real thing; a living and breathing campus just itching to be filled with the energy and laughter of our founding pupils.

Not only has the campus come to life as the finishing touches are put on it, but the reality that we will be opening in just a few months is upon us, with our facilities management and services teams busily putting the final preparations into the logistics of running a school of this size. Parents can rest assured; we are ready!

We hope you enjoy some first-glimpse photos from in and around the campus. We look forward to sharing more photos, and showing you around the campus during our planned open days in July (more information about which will be shared in the coming weeks).

Taking cues from the Wellington College in England, our campus buildings highlight its traditional British style with the contrasting reds and whites, bringing you back to the Victorian Period of the eighteenth century. Inside, like in the Wellington College in England, the buildings reveal the very best standards in 21st century education. These complimentary traits embody the Huili ethos: A Proud Tradition. Education for the Future. 

The Wellington College Hangzhou campus is the largest in the Wellington College China family, with a total area of 74,000 square meters. Our campus is designed to offer pupils the very best learning environment and with a wide variety of facilities to accommodate the various academic and co-curricular opportunities on offer. Combined with world-class teachers recruited through a rigorous process, across numerous international job fairs, we are confident that Huili School Hangzhou will provide an inspirational learning environment, able to truly foster the creativity of our pupils.

We use softer, pastel designs for inner decorations in order to create a peaceful learning environment for pupils. These are complimented with bright, colourful public spaces that inspire risk and creativity. The inner layout of each building is pupil-oriented, where teachers can encourage individual development as well as team-work; building children’s self-confidence. Such a well-balanced learning environment provides a solid foundation for the well-rounded development of Huili pupils.

The state-of-the-art science laboratories are designed, first and foremost, to encourage an enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work. Here pupils will learn the merits of scientific enquiry, and will be inspired to develop and test their own hypotheses. We hope that each and every pupil will tap their potential as a scientific thinker, and learn to question and explore the world around them. 
After the school day, we work with the Wellington Academy Programme Hangzhou to provide pupils various co-curricular opportunities; a further enactment of holistic education. Huili School Hangzhou caters for our musicians, dancers and thespians, with dedicated practice rooms, the dance studios and, for major concerts and productions, the 560-seat School Theatre; also the venue for school assemblies. 
Life lies in movement. Physical training and exercise are an important way for children to further develop their teamwork skills, as well as build up a healthy physique and improve their overall wellbeing. The facilities at Huili School Hangzhou are second to none, with a 1,500 square metre sports hall, standard football pitch, 400-metre all-weather synthetic running track, basketball and badminton courts, and two swimming pools, including a 25 metre, six-lane competition pool with Colorado competition timing system. These sporting facilities are once again designed with pupils in mind, allowing us to provide them with a range of opportunities to develop their individual interests.
Physical exercise builds a healthy appetite. Here, we are once again committed to providing our pupils with only the best. Sodexo, a world class catering vendor, will provide us with fresh and nutritious meals each day, meeting the needs of our various community members, whether it be in the student cafeteria, or one of the parent and staff cafes, such as the V&A café.
One of the key elements of running a school of this quality and scale is the tremendous task of transporting the children from around Hangzhou. To this end, we are pleased to reassure our parents that we have 14 bus lines, covering most areas within Hangzhou. Our bus service team are currently “testing” the routes, and we look forward to sharing the specific bus stops with our parents during the Pre-Joining Parent Information Sessions on June 29th. We are proud to say that we have successfully mapped bus routes to the vast majority of our pupils; no easy feat.

Regarding our Pre-Joining Parent Information Sessions, these will be hosted in our Grand Theatre. We are excited to host our families in this fantastic venue. The breathtaking scale of the venue immediately conjures images of future concerts, recitals and performances that have not yet even been dreamed up. It is up to the creativity of our pupils, with their teachers guiding them, to decide how to use this space to express themselves. It is important also to remember that the theatre is just one element of the entire Performing Arts Centre. The theatre itself is where the final product will be put on display for the community, but it will be in the sound-proof music rooms, the dance studios, the rehearsal spaces and the Black Box Studio where much of the hard work and preparation will take place. Standing in the empty theatre as it is now, you can almost hear the excited chatter of pupils and staff hurriedly preparing for their time in the limelight in the maze of prop-rooms and dressing rooms that flank the theatre stage.

Several of our classes are now at capacity, with growing waiting lists for the 2019-2020 academic year. Of course, we encourage all prospective parents to contact the admissions department to see if we still have spaces available in your child’s grade-level.

Our vision is to create a caring, bilingual community. We believe that environment and facilities are educational, so the first priority of our advanced facilities is to meet the various learning needs of our pupils. Whether the sports hall, swimming pools, theatre or the library, laboratories or canteens; all are designed to support our high standards both in education and, in life in general. We look forward to watching our pupils growing happily in this fantastic environment, with the vibrant campus providing the canvas on which they will create their own stories. Ultimately, we know that all of our pupils will take the opportunities on offer here and develop all of the Huili Identities.

Walking through the campus, as we see the vision become a reality, it becomes apparent that these facilities are just that; they facilitate opportunities. What they will facilitate, the form that pupils’ creativity will take, is yet another vision that we will see become a reality over time.