Celebrating Chinese New Year at Huili School Hangzhou

With the Chinese New Year approaching, Huili School Hangzhou is now in a festive mood, with red lanterns hanging from the rafters, and New Year scrolls posted on doors. On January 25th, teachers and pupils dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and took part in various celebration activities, experiencing Chinese New Year in the old-fashioned way.

With the cheerful sound of gongs and drums, the celebrations kicked off with the dragon and lion dance performance. Dances for both the auspicious creatures are performed during festive occasions to welcome in prosperous times and has been included on the Chinese intangible cultural heritage protection list. In traditional Chinese culture, dragons represent excellence and lions symbolise strength. Pupils and teachers gathered together to share the happiness and joy brought by the performance, wishing all the best to everyone.

There were a huge range of activities linked to Chinese New Year, including making masks, pinching dough figurines, playing diabolos, producing sugar paintings and so on. All part of our active CCA programme. Many Huili pupils tried these traditional activities for the first time under the guidance of invited folk artists, feeling a little bit nervous but excited, experiencing profound Chinese culture firsthand.

Pinching Dough Figurines

New Year Picture Printing

Making Masks

Sugar Painting

Playing Diabolos

Afterwards, pupils went to their houserooms to make lanterns, paper cuttings, paper umbrellas and Chinese shadow puppetry. With joyful Spring Festival songs playing throughout the campus, they were actively engaged in the celebration activities and had a wonderful day at school.

Paper Umbrella Painting

Chinese New Year Decorations

Lantern Making

Lantern Painting

New Year Picture Painting

Chinese Fan

Packing Hongbao

Making Hongbao

Window Paper Cutting

Chinese Shadow Puppetry

Flower Making

As important members of our Huili community, the Friends of Huili made great contributions during the preparation and provided an exquisite snack buffet for pupils on the day of the event. Thank you for your support!

Huili pupils were actively engaged in the Chinese New Year Activity Day event, showing great team spirit and creativity, demonstrating the Huili Identities of being “Inspired” and “Individual”. As a bilingual school, we not only focus on developing our pupils’ global mindsets, but also focus on deepening their understating of the rich heritage and culture of China, building their cultural identity and strengthening their sense of belonging. The Chinese New Year Celebration activities provided a great learning opportunity for Huili pupils while at the same time, ringing in a prosperous new year.