Celebrating Our Inaugural Summer Carnival on Children’s Day

On June 1st, Wellington College Hangzhou hosted our inaugural Summer Carnival and it was a huge success! Close to 3,500 parents, teachers and members of the Hangzhou community gathered together in our fantastic campus to celebrate Children’s Day. It was a day of overwhelming joy, where attendees participated in a range of games, activities and rides, enjoyed food from around the world, and were wowed by the excellent entertainment on show. Overall, the carnival truly reflected our Identity of being “Inspired”.

Ms. Joy Qiao, founder and Chair of Governors of Wellington College China and Paul Rogers, Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou started the day with their opening speeches, providing a warm welcome to those in attendance.

Stage Performances

Music Performances

Carnival Rides

Carnival Activities

Food Booths

The Friends of Huili made a great contribution to the event by hosting a range of fun games and activities, as well as providing delicious food to be enjoyed. Thank you for your support!

In line with our Huili Values of being “Kind” and “Responsible”, proceeds from the Summer Carnival will be used to support worthy causes, including Smile for Mothers, and the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Charity Federation. Some of the proceeds raised will also go to the Friends and Huili and Friends of Wellington to support their future efforts. The final tally of proceeds continues to be counted, and will be announced officially in due course. Stay tuned!

The success of the Summer Carnival is in large part due to the efforts of teachers, non-academic staff and pupils. The Summer Carnival was a true representation of the ‘Caring Community’ we aspire to create here at Wellington College Hangzhou, and set the bar for future events.

We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the day, and we look forward to taking the event to even greater heights next year.

Lastly, we extend our gratitude to our Carnival Partners, Carnival Sponsors, and all of our exhibitors who took the time to join this fantastic event. The range of interesting activities, booths and foods available made the day as vibrant as could be. We look forward to seeing you all next year!