Farewell to the Orientations. Welcome to the First Day of School

Last week we successfully hosted a series of Orientation Days for pupils in Huili School Hangzhou, Huili Nursery Hangzhou and Wellington College International Hangzhou. This was a great chance for the pupils get to know their classmates and their teachers, locate their classrooms and homerooms, and get to know their way around the rest of the campus. We also met with our boarders who will be living in Ming House.

Pupils picked up their uniforms and took their ID card photos. Seeing the children proudly don their uniforms, their eyes filled with eagerness and faces covered with bright smiles, brought a wonderful warmth to the campus. Many children chose to wear their uniforms home, a proud memory of their Orientation Day.

After entering into the classrooms, our Huili Nursery Hangzhou pupils were fascinated by the elaborate classroom decorations the teachers had created, and were proud to see their family photos already on the classroom walls. Many of the children could not wait to introduce their family members to their teachers and many didn’t want to leave the Nursery to go home.

Lucky stones with pupils’ names on them lay in front of the door.

Teachers also prepared a lot of toys and books, such as dolls and picture books, for pupils to play with and to read. This is just a small taste of what the pupils have to look forward to as they begin classes from August 30th.

As founding families, parents and pupils participated in a ‘treasure hunt’ game, allowing them to become familiar with various areas of the Nursery. Pupils and parents used their imagination to nominate names for the various areas in the Nursery. The final names will be announced after school commences.

Pupils received a tour of the campus under the guidance of their teachers and participated in various activities in their classrooms and house rooms. They became familiar with their teachers and classmates through a variety of fun games and activities.

The pupils got to show off their artistic and musical talents in the art and music departments; moments that generated laughter and enthusiasm, while helping to build relationships before school even starts. This highlights the purpose of the Orientation Days, and moments like this help us know that they achieved their purpose.

Boarding Orientation

On Friday, a special Orientation session was held just for Boarding pupils, by Alison Armstrong, Boarding Mistress at Wellington College Hangzhou. This session was aimed at introducing daily routines and providing some guidelines and remindersto all boarders and their parents. Our Boarding House pupils belong to a unique ‘Ming House’. Ming house staff provided tours of the Boarding facilities to pupils and parents. Boarding House staff will organise various activities for enriching life on campus such as including Halloween celebrations, pancake nights, charity events etc. Of course, special events such as pupil birthdays will also be celebrated, providing more unforgettable experiences for the children in our care. Mrs. Armstrong was keen to point out that the children who stay in Ming House should feel like members of a close family. Special events, celebrations and bonding experiences will help to provide that environment, as well as exceptional care from the professional staff who will live on campus 24 hours a day, including Boarding Mentors and Medical staff.

Special Teachers Training

Beside hosting Orientation Days, our academic staff continue preparations for the first day of school. Last week we had the honour of hosting Leping Zhu, a well known Zhejiang Province mathematics teacher, and Hong Lu, a famous Zhejiang Province Chinese teacher. They provided speeches and training, while fostering discussions on best practices in Chinese and Math instruction from the perspective of Chinese educational professionals.

Now it is time to say farewell to Orientation Days and the  induction process, because on 30th August  the big day is finally here, our first ever day of school! As the 2018-2019 academic year commences, we are proud and confident that we are as ready to educate the pupils in our care as we ever can be. We hope that the first day of school proves to be a happy and inspired one for our pupils, and that they come to class with open hearts and open minds, ready to learn, to take advantage of all the opportunities that await them, and ready to realise their dreams.