Festival of Education 2019: Final Speaker Schedule Revealed

Join us to explore, celebrate, learn, debate and connect

We are delighted to announce the final schedule for the Festival of Education 2019.

Here is a selection of topics you can expect to explore and discuss with our 12 international experts and speakers in Hangzhou:

Early Years, which explores the various options on offer for Early Years development strategies, including the value of play, the importance of balance, and the need to develop the ‘whole child’ while at the same time appreciating the need to encourage an early ability to focus on assigned tasks.

Wellbeing, which tackles the tough questions facing modern education, such as how a child can remain healthy and mentally balanced in environments where academic achievement is often measured in an unforgiving manner. Also, what can schools do to ensure that success in examinations is not achieved at the expense of a child’s wellbeing, self-worth, and happiness?

A Developing Romance, which looks at the complex and ever-evolving relationship between British and Chinese models of education. This involves an exploration of the many ways in which the two countries can come together, learn from each other, and perhaps create a ‘third-way’.

Exploring Education, which assesses current educational issues that are not specifically covered by the festival’s other strands, including topics such as psychology, the built-environment of learning, the value of assessments, and the effects of technology.

Multilingualism, which considers the benefits and disadvantages of bi- and multilingual schooling and seeks to understand their effects on children.

Be inspired by the impressive line-up of speakers; get involved with the many presentations, workshops and activities; and connect with other educationalists, teachers, pupils, and parents.

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  • Dr Eveline Goodman – PhD. Psychologist & PhD. Neuroscience, EforP International Consulting GmbH
  • Prof. Dr Ferre Laevers – Director, Research Centre for Experiential Education
  • Ruby Wax – Writer, Performer and Mental Health Campaigner
  • Dr Helen Wright – International Education Advisor
  • Dr Davy Guo – Psychologist, ELG
  • Elis Poh – Learning Support and Dyslexia Therapist, ELG


  • Patricia Zayan – Old Wellingtonian


  • Ian Marchant – English Writer, Broadcaster and Performer
  • Ian Warwick – Senior Director, London Gifted & Talented


  • Prof. Sir Jonathan Bate – British Academic, Biographer, Critic, Broadcaster, Novelist and Scholar
  • Bee Gilbert – Charity Director, Anno’s Africa

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Registration for the Festival will open at 11:30 am on Sunday and 08:30 am on Monday at Wellington College Hangzhou.

There will be plenty to think about as the festival strives to enlighten, illuminate meaningful educational issues, and provoke thought about important issues in education today.