How can Children Develop a Lifelong Passion for Learning?

Hello, everyone, my name is Helena Xin. I come from Beijing. After graduating from university in 2002, I entered an International Baccalaureate (IB) school as a bilingual science teacher. Three years later I started my teaching management career and I am very excited to have become part of the Huili family this year.

Bilingual Educational Model

As a peer of the reform and opening-up period in China, I have a deep understanding of the rapid changes occurring in our society. Our children may face challenges and be engaged in jobs that we cannot imagine now.

So, how can children develop a lifelong passion for learning, an inclusive mind-set and critical thinking skills? I think Huili’s bilingual educational model provides a perfect solution to this question. Our educational model can help our children not only possess the wisdom of our ancestors and inherit the ideas of our civilisation, but also develop their communication skills and a global mindset, which will help them to overcome future challenges.

First impression on Huili

I was amazed the first time I visited Huili School Hangzhou. Even though this is a newly built school, it demonstrates maturity in every aspect, not to mention trust and support between the academic and non-academic staff, as well as harmonious relations between pupils and teachers. It gives me great confidence.

I am a mother, and my child is currently studying Grade 7 at Huili School Hangzhou. I am not simply a leader of the school; I am also a parent and a member of the Huili community. I hope to become close friends with all the parents, and I believe my children will be friends with other Huili pupils. Then, in the future, they will be life-long friends and meet future challenges together.

Suggestions for Parents

I think being a parent is the second phase of one’s life because it requires constant learning, self-correction and reflection. I believe that we need to create a relaxing learning environment at home so that our children can develop life-long learning skills, rather than just studying for better exam results.

At Huili School Hangzhou, we have a strong pastoral care system that has been adapted from the Wellington College in England, designed to enable each pupil to learn while maintaining social and emotional wellbeing. It is a parent’s greatest wish to provide wellbeing for our children.

When it comes to sending pupils to bilingual schools, I have some suggestions.

First, from my experience, parents needn’t worry too much for their child. They need to have faith in their child and believe they can thrive in such an environment.

Besides, parents must encourage their child and compliment them on their progress. We believe pupils learn better from positive examples and guidance.

Third, with our mature parent-teacher communication mechanisms already in place, parents can receive information from the school in a timely manner to keep updated on current school news.

Most importantly, parents are always welcome to visit our school in person, talk to our teachers and learn about their child’s campus life.