How is effective outdoor learning developed in our Nursery?

Monday afternoon this week, Mr. Rob, Outdoor Learning Champion in Huili Nursery Hangzhou, had the third Parent Workshop of this semester with Nursery parents. In this workshop, Mr. Rob mainly discussed about how effective outdoor learning is developed in Huili Nursery step by step.

About 200 parents actively attended this workshop. We hereby show our sincere thanks to these parents for their strong support. I was inspired by our beloved parents and their questions, especially the first one during the question session: “How does our Nursery guarantee enough outdoor learning hours for pupils? How does our Nursery prevent pupils’ outdoor learning from being interrupted?”.

From this parent’s question, I saw parents’ recognition, support and understanding in pupils’ outdoor learning. We will take more efforts in introducing and adopting more advanced education concepts for pupils and providing richer class content for pupils. We do hope pupils of Huili Nursery can have beautiful and unique childhood memories during their early years school life.

Outdoor teaching of Huili Nursery is part of an international research project into outstanding outdoor teaching and learning. We not only provide research materials such as database and case study for early years education research, but also get support and guidance from the outdoor research project which offers our pupils strong scientific research background and reference for pupils’ learning. Ms. Fiona, Director of Academics (Early Years) at Wellington College China, has brought the learning experience of pupils from Huili Nursery to many countries and regions in the world, and has received recognitions and praises from many experts in the world.

In teachers’ eyes, outdoor teaching plays a very important role in teaching activities. We regard pupils’ outdoor exploration as the start, the midpoint or the project presentation of our teaching activities. Our teachers, who are good at capturing any learning opportunity, will guide pupils to feel the seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Teachers, together with pupils, will walk close to nature and be the ‘small observers’ and ‘small recorders’ to think more and record more.

Gradually, pupils become the true master of their learning and fully control their learning tempos by themselves. We could see pupils present a child’s nature, such as enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. We could also see pupils’ positive attitude, their inspiring spirit of constantly searching for the unknown and setting new aims for themselves, and their strong will and efforts to challenge themselves after failures.

Outdoor learning can strength pupils’ health and develop pupils’ spirit as well as their learning skills. Let’s see how amazing our pupils are during their outdoor learning activities.

The newest updates of pupils’ outdoor learning

The new wild area outside the Nursery fence offers more possibilities and expectations for pupils’ outdoor learning.

We constantly add new elements into pupils’ outdoor learning and exploration.