Huili Nursery Hangzhou 2020-2021 Admissions Announcement

At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, we believe that every child has the right to a well-planned, joyful and holistic education. Early years education has a lifelong impact on how young children view and value learning. Key to our educational ethos is full commitment to the Nursery, with staff, children and parents all playing their parts in creating and maintaining a truly unique and vibrant atmosphere. Our Nursery staff are committed in encouraging their students to embrace a wide range of experiences, and to foster in them Huili Values and the Huili Identity.

In furthering the delivery of an international education in a Chinese context, we have merged the UK Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with the Chinese curriculum for 3-6 year olds. This blend of curricula allows children to engage with their environment through playing, exploring, creating, learning actively and thinking critically, all of which underpin a child’s learning and holistic development. This is the Huili Nursery vision, and we invite you to join, share, and develop this image with us as your child embarks on their journey.


What makes our nursery special are:

Our teachers

Sharing our love of learning!

Our learning environment

Teachers are well prepared for school opening, how about you?


Rich resources that boost children’s imagination

Imagining the impossible

A close learning community

Meaningful parent involvement


A strong focus on wellbeing

How we use positive psychology to improve pupils’ wellbeing?


And care for the planet

How does our Nursery cultivate environmentally active pupils?


Our exploration of best practices in bilingual education

How unique is our system for teaching reading?


Exciting outdoor activities

How is effective outdoor learning developed in our Nursery?


And a wonderful sports day in the gym

All pupils are winners in the Sports Day events!