Huili Pupils Around the World

To kick off 2019, Huili pupils enjoyed a cosy Winter break and returned to school eager to share their memorable experiences with their classmates and teachers. Pupils took photos with their Wellington Bears or wearing their school uniforms in a variety of beautiful tourist attractions around the world, capturing the remarkable moments of their Winter breaks. We hope that through this competition, our pupils were encouraged to demonstrate the Huili Identities of being “Inspired” and “Individual”.

Let’s celebrate and welcome 2019 with vitality and a commitment to increasing our knowledge, broadening our horizons, appreciating the beauty of the world and striving to make the world a better place!

Natural Landscapes

Ivan Su

Alice Jia

Hanni Huang

Cici Meng

Kayson Xu

Erin Li

Lily Jia

Johnny Zhou and Yinzhao Zhou

Cici Zhou

Sam Li

Lena Zhu

Sharon Yu and Vicky Cai

Cultural Landscapes

Jackie Liu

Vicky Tao

Sharon Wang

Chenhe Cao

Tony Tao

Mika Zhou and Carl Wang

Coco Li

Shunny Ren

Audrey Kwok

Icey Wang

Queena Jiang

Daniel Li

Fiona Wang

Cherry Lang

Sophia Wang

Finally, thank you for the active participation of our parents and pupils.