Huili Pupils Celebrate the 70th National Day

Competent youth contribute to a strong China. We strive to be competent, we have great ambitions, and we are fearless dream chasers. As the Huili G3 and G4 pupils sang “Strong Chinese Youth” with great enthusiasm, they demonstrated their energetic spirits and high morale. Huili pupils celebrated the National Day by various activities from September, expressing their love to the country.

Waving the national flags in their hands, G7 and G8 pupils sang along to the melodious rhythm of “My Motherland and Me” and shared their most sincere praises of their home country.

G1 and G2 pupils used their creativity to the fullest by painting and gluing flower petals to handmake their own national flags, a sincere expression of their love and warm wishes for the country.

In G8 Chinese class, pupils learned the text Mr. Fujino by Lu Xun (September 25, 1881–October 19, 1936), a leading figure of modern Chinese literature, whose devotion and love for the country deeply moved all the pupils. After finishing Mr. Fujino, Mr. Du, the Chinese teacher, asked pupils to make a video of their thoughts and dreams as an assignment.

Mr. Du asked for all assignments to be closely related to the pupils’ lives. He asked them to make a video of their aspirations and how they can contribute to our country. We had some wonderful videos and it was lovely to hear the pupils’ aspirations. Here are some examples:

For another assignment, G5 and G6 pupils ventured out of their classrooms and conducted interviews centered on the theme ‘My Chinese Dream’. They left their footprints on campus, the streets, and their community as the interviewed people from all walks of life – security guards, attorneys, and cleaning workers – to learn about their Chinese dreams and how they made them come true.

Ms. Sun, the Chinese Social Studies teacher who coordinated this assignment, said, “ The Chinese Dream is not a remote political ideal; in fact, it has everything to do with every one of us. A country’s dream is composed of the dreams of countless ordinary people who strive hard for their own family and country. It is also part of our explorative learning experience to ask pupils to leave their classrooms, learn more about people who hold different occupations, and be inspired to realise their own dreams. Let us work together to help achieve the dream of our motherland!”

Now let us hope that in three decades, when the country celebrates its 100th anniversary, our Huili pupils will become the major driving force, striving for the prosperity of the whole world.