In Huili Nursery, educators are everywhere

In Huili Nursery, our teachers and pupils always feel that happy learning time goes fast; meanwhile, our community members have the same feeling. Huili Nursery has always been committing to create an inspiring and healthy learning community for pupils. All members, who are in different positions, play a very important role in pupils’ learning and growth.

Community members include teachers, pupils, parents, non-academic staff and everyone that pupils come across in their school lives. Community members of Huili Nursery come from all walks of life all over the world. Last week, some ‘parent experts’ came to our Nursery and presented in-class sessions for pupils. Let’s see what wonderful and unique learning experience the parents have brought to the pupils!

Ms. Jiang one parent of EY3A, was once a college teacher in art and design subject. When she learn that EY3A class was having a learning project on art and design, she offered to present pupils with tie-dye experience class. Ms. Jiang had a lot of discussions with class teachers in order to let pupils get the most authentic tie-dye experience.

She had adjusted her teaching plans for many times in accordance with EY3A’s class project progress. Moreover, Ms. Jiang brought a variety of books about the basics of tie-dye, which are also very suitable for early-year pupils.

During the class, after a brief introduction, pupils naturally participated in the learning of colours. Pupils not only learned a lot about related vocabulary, but also connected vocabulary with their daily life, and this enables them to understand deeper of the words.

More importantly, Ms. Jiang also considered whether the tie-dye raw materials are safe for pupils to touch. She brought various non-toxic and harmless natural raw materials from Singapore to replace the ordinary materials. Pupils thus had a safe and happy first-hand experience in the class.

This activity let us feel parents’ professionalism and seriousness in education. We also saw their commitment and dedication in education. It is a wonderful experience when teachers have parents’ encouragement and commitment.

Last week, we were so glad to have another parent expert coming to our Nursery classroom. The parent expert told pupils lots of professional knowledge about drainage system.

EY4 pupils found our city’s water-cycling system is too mysterious and complicated to understand. Before the National Holiday, they started a research project about urban water-cycling system. After countless guesses, visiting, field trips and surveys, pupils found that they still didn’t understand the fundamentals of the system.

Pupils came up with the idea to write letters to ask help from experts. They got replies quickly after sending letters out. Pupils were informed that there would be a mysterious expert coming to class and guiding them to know all about the drainage system. Well, then we had the extraordinary learning journey in class.

We are deeply touched by community members of our Nursery who commit themselves silently. They are not early-year teachers, but they work hard to prepare pupils’ learning materials. They spend a lot of time and energy on adjusting teaching plans in order to offer better-quality class experience. We see their spirit of selfless dedication.

As an old saying says, “it takes the whole village to raise a child”. Learning enthusiasm has been spread from the community. Teachers, together with parents, set a good learning example for pupils. Such wonderful learning attitude let us see the true meaning of education. I sincerely hope that such high standard pursuit of education can long live in Huili community.