Join a Virtual Tour of a World-Class Early Years Centre

What does a world-class Early Years Centre look like? How can space, resources and an educational philosophy combine to give our youngest children the best possible start in life? At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, these are themes we regularly examine, and over the past three years we have created what can only be described as a Nursery which is a leader in Early Years Education in Hangzhou. Nestled within the Wellington College Hangzhou campus, our bespoke nursery facility caters exclusively to the needs of children from 2 years through to 6 years old.

Are you curious to learn about how our vision of providing a world-class holistic early years education is realised? Join us on a virtual tour of our nursery, hosted by members of our academic team, where you will be guided through a day in the life of our early years pupils.

You will have an opportunity to meet teachers, members of the support staff, take a tour of the classrooms and get an in-depth understanding of what makes our nursery truly unique.

At the end of the morning, our Head of Early Years, Mr. Conrad Botha, Deputy Head of Early Years, Ms. Angela Zhou, and our Founding Executive Master, Mr. Paul Rogers, will participate in an interactive question and answer session, answering parent’s live questions.

If you are curious about Huili Nursery Hangzhou, this is your best opportunity yet to get involved, meet the team and learn about how our early years programme can give your child the head-start in life they deserve.