Keeping A Learning Community Connected

I believe many of you were very excited after the virtual tour of Huili Nursery Hangzhou last week and couldn’t wait to be one of us. Do you want to have another special virtual experience with us? Now, we would like to invite you to come to our class and experience our extraordinary interaction during this challenging time.

Our Teachers

Although our teachers are in different time zones around the world and thousands of miles apart, they will turn on their computers every day at 7:30 am Beijing time and start their daily work, team meetings and most importantly, preparing for their communication and interaction with pupils. Teachers are not physically in school, but the only thing that is always on their minds; is how to keep on interacting and how to make sure pupils can have an unforgettable and meaningful learning journey. This is our drive and inspiration.

A day of a teacher.

Our Responsibility

Our work hasn’t been reduced by not being physically in school, on the contrary, we made much more efforts than our regular teaching to overcome the obstacle of not being able to communicate with pupils face to face. A simple daily arrangement needs to be wrote and proofread in teachers’ working groups many times before sharing with our parents and finally to our pupils, such as modification, addition, reflection, translation, proofreading, format adjusting and so on. We patiently respond to each pupil’s messages and actively make corresponding adjustments to further extend pupils’ learning and exploration. We work responsibly.

Our Learning

Although we are unable to follow our normal pattern of teaching, we tried our best to establish a unique teaching model true to our educational philosophy during this difficult time.

Activities in each class included projects and regular learning. The whole country currently is sparing no effort to control the spread of COVID-19, therefore in our projects, we took this opportunity to collect all the life ‘moments’ of our pupils, with their very unique views and experiences, to help pupils better understand and adapt to the sudden changes in their daily lives, always providing support, feedback and guidance. We are caring.

Pupils use creative methods to express their understanding of COVID-19.

Our Parents

Collaboration between parents and the Nursery shows the commitment of our learning community during this special period. Our have parents fully devoted themselves to our pupils’ learning. They worked alongside the teachers and successfully became our partners in teaching and learning. We are united.

Our Support

How to help nursery pupils make use of every possible opportunity to learn during this time has always been our goal. However, it needs much effort to become a reality. In order to achieve the goal, various departments from school strongly supported us. We contacted our British suppliers urgently and subscribed to a British phonics learning platform and managed to create learning accounts for each of our pupils within one day! Teachers arranged effective and customized learning activities for pupils every day according to the feedback collected the day before, aiming to enhance pupils’ knowledge and extend their learning. We made full use of diverse communication methods between parents and the nursery to achieve smooth and effective communication. In order to reduce the screen time of pupils, we took the advantage of our school radio Dukebox to play Chinese and English stories recorded by our teachers daily. Our Pastoral Care Department not only offered help and guidance to pupils, but also shared their experience and resources with our parents. They are happy to provide support to all members of the Huili Community at any time.

Our Achievements

Our proudest achievements always come from our pupils. I believe that each of our pupils have learned a lot from this extraordinary experience. We look forward to returning to school and reuniting with our pupils. We trust that we will be able to share our hands-on learning experiences working alongside each other again very soon. This is our pride.