Let’s hear from Huili

After a relaxing summer holiday, Huili School Hangzhou has embraced the spirit of a long-awaited new academic year. Gathered together on campus, Huili pupils are now prepared to embark on a brand-new journey of learning.

Mr. Paul Rogers, Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou and Mrs. Helena Xin, Principal of Huili School Hangzhou, welcomed pupils at the entrance and high-fived them as usual.  As their eyes filled with excitement, the pupils expressed their eagerness to start an amazing new school year.

Let’s hear from Huili pupils and teachers who are keen on sharing their experiences.

Amber Zhang, G1

I was at Huili Nursery before and now I’m a G1 pupil at Huili School this year. I’ve been waiting for school to start since the middle of our summer holiday. There are more classmates and more courses, but what remains unchanged is that teachers are just as kind and patient as my nursery teachers. I want to become a rule-abiding and responsible Huili pupil.

Nina Ma, Theme Teacher

Education at the early primary stage is fundamental, comprehensive and enlightening. With this in mind, theme teaching has been introduced to our G1 pupils this year as the world in their eyes is undivided and integrated. This new teaching method allows teachers to conduct a holistic follow-up and observation of their pupils’ lives and learning, establish a profound and friendly teacher-pupil relationship, and offer more care to the pupils through cross-disciplinary teaching. I hope to assist pupils to achieve well-rounded development in the new academic year.

Richard Lucas, Visual Art/DT teacher

What a great start it has been to the new semester for Grades 1 and 2 at Huili School Hangzhou. The returning children in Grade 2 have clearly come back with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm, eager to build on the skills and knowledge they acquired over the course of last year. I have also been impressed with the attitude shown by the new pupils in Grade 1. They are already equipped with many of the key abilities that make great learners, and I am really looking forward to seeing them progress in leaps and bounds over the next academic year.

Leo Tian, G3

I like Huili teachers very much because they are patient. Sometimes, when I’m having trouble understanding English in classes, I ask them for help after class and they are patient when explaining things to me.  I hope that I can be more confident in the new academic year.

Enqi, Zhang, G3

I feel extremely excited to go to school these days. I’ve never been to a swimming class at school before and our pool is like an international race pool. The coaches are very kind to me, and I hope I learn how to swim in the new school year.

Tori Zhu, G4

I enjoy English classes so much! Teachers prepare various games in classes so we can learn while playing. I hope I’ll learn how to speak English more fluently this school year.

Mandy Ma, G7

My teachers are patient and won’t rush me when I struggle with some words in English. Instead, they encourage me to say it in another way. I hope my English will improve a lot in the new term.

Jacob Burton, English teacher

I personally feel that the new academic year is off to a great start. The caliber of pupils that have joined the school is very high and they are already showcasing many of the Huili values and identities. I’d like to wish all our new pupils a successful year at Huili.

Daisy Chen, G7

What impresses me the most in a Huili class is that teachers do not always strictly follow textbooks or their presentation slides. Often, they start from a small topic and expand our horizons to include many other relevant points. We as pupils are allowed to discuss with our teachers and classmates in the learning process; acquiring knowledge before we even realise it. There are plenty of activities going on at school, too. I’ve signed up for the chorus and cannot wait to start rehearsing. I hope to develop my musical potential at Huili.

Jennifer Gaul, Head of Music and Performing Art

Every pupil from Grade 6 onwards participates in an academic day drama course. The aim of our drama courses is to develop each pupil’s ability to communicate effectively in English and Chinese through a focus on vocal projection, speech, role-play, script-writing and improvisation. Every drama class will concentrate on language, listening and responding. Pupils will gain the confidence and technical skills to perform powerfully and imaginatively in front of audiences.

Aaron Read, DT teacher

Design and Technology is made up different topics focusing on designing and manufacturing products. Throughout the course of the year pupils will be experiencing workshop lessons where they will learn how to use a range of hand tools and machinery to design and manufacture products. Pupils will also have the opportunity to learn industry software such as Solid Edge and 2D Design to produce computer-aided design and manufacturing using a Laser Cutter and 3D Printer.

For boarders, life in Ming House is also full of laughter and challenges. They take an active part in activities and gradually become more independent.

Sally Chen, G7

It’s my very first boarding experience and the boarding house in Huili is quite cozy. Teachers are kind and caring. More importantly, they respect us and always knock before they come into our rooms. As a boarder, I have the chance to meet friends from different grades, and after finishing my prep, my friends and I will go to play volleyball and badminton in the school gym, living every day to its fullest. I want to be more independent and fully prepared to study abroad in the future.

Alison Armstrong, Boarding Mistress

It has been pleasing to see all the children embracing their new school environment and making new friends through sharing bedrooms, taking part in activities and also participating in the many communal aspects of boarding.

We have now commenced the new academic year, and the future holds nothing but wonder for each and every Huili pupil.