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Huili School Hangzhou has moved its information sessions online as a new approach to ensure campus safety during this period of COVID-19 prevention and control. Parents who are interested can gain a comprehensive understanding of our school from the comfort of their homes. With our Executive Master, Principal and Heads as hosts of these online information sessions, viewers are given an opportunity to learn more about our educational ethos and pedagogy.

Today we have listed our previous information sessions so you may watch them again. Each session provides fascinating insights that are not to be missed.

Mr. Paul Rogers, Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, provides a broad overview and introduction to the Wellington College family of schools, our heritage, educational philosophy and values. Ms. Helena Xin, Principal of Huili School Hangzhou, takes a deeper dive into enquiry-based learning in a bilingual environment. She believes that bilingualism is not only about the languages themselves, but also a way of thinking, which is why pupils are encouraged to learn through natural language acquisition alongside the structured language learning associated with the Huili School Hangzhou bilingual learning model. Interested in learning more about teaching strategies used across age groups and real classroom examples? Scan the following QR code for more:

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In the information session on Huili’s Primary School, Mr. Mark Barlow, Head of Primary, and Ms. Zoe Ye, Deputy Head of Primary, introduce the curriculum, teaching objectives, and enquiry-based teaching. Mr. Barlow believes that academic progress is not the only focus at our Primary School, as we also focus on our pupils’ individualised learning experiences. He stresses that the school integrates its holistic educational approach with pupils’ daily lives and study through differentiated teaching and encourages pupils to discover their unique interests and potential. Want to hear more about our vibrant school activities or the ways we instill the Huili Values in our pupils? Scan the QR code below to find out more:

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In the Nursery information session, Mr. Conrad Botha, Head of Earlyl Years, and Ms. Angela Zhou, Deputy Head of Early Years, discuss the children’s daily routines, bilingual education, outdoor activities and address parents’ concerns on how children adapt to nursery life and later transfer to the primary school. They lead a virtual tour around the nursery to give viewers a general understanding of our world-class facilities and learning resources. If you are interested in how we guide our children to become lifelong learners, and the importance of parents’ involvement in our nursery, please scan the QR code below for more information.

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We hope that the information sessions listed above help you learn more about Huili School Hangzhou. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to call us at 0571-8239 6388, or add our WeChat accounts by scanning the QR codes below.

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More information sessions on different educational topics are coming up soon. Please feel free to leave a comment and share topics you would like to learn more about.