Library Updates| Karl Nova Visit

On Friday 8th November, we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from Karl Nova. Karl is an award-winning poet, hip-hop artist and author. His first book of poetry, Rhythm and Poetry, won the 2018 CLiPPA award from the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. Karl has conducted performances and workshops for pupils in the UK and overseas.

Pupils in Grades 5-8 took part in one of three sessions throughout the day, in which Karl engaged them in stories of childhood, poems, hip-hop performances and interactive teaching and learning activities.

The energy in the room was electric throughout each session, and the smiles on pupils’ faces said it all: they loved it. Karl managed to adapt his performances and interactions to suit the children’s English-level, and the pupils even managed to teach him a few words in Chinese.

While we were only able to have Karl visit for one day this time, I know that our music and English departments, not to mention our pupils, are keen to have him back one day.