Making Connections

At Huili Nursery Hangzhou, every moment that teachers and children interact with each other is an opportunity to further build on positive relationships. During the past week all of our children participated in video calls as we optimistically prepare for our return back to school – fingers crossed that this will become a reality very soon!

Our children approached every video call with their teachers with tremendous anticipation and evident delight. They moved around their homes, which have become their ‘temporary classrooms’, introducing the many meaningful discoveries that they have uncovered. They answered every question purposefully and with meaning and asked relevant questions themselves. Indeed, video calls with all of our children have been a highlight of the week.

We were both proud and appreciative to have been able to share this small glimpse into the lives of our leaners – this is an opportunity we very seldom get to experience with our children.


Some children have grown tremendously during this time and can now independently get dressed, sing new songs and no longer need a milk bottle when taking a nap! We were overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge our children have gained and the many ‘exotic’ new words they make use of when conveying their lively imaginations!

We are patiently awaiting your return and cannot wait to learn all about the new skills, expertise and talents you have discovered!