Meaningful parent involvement

Growing up I was a massive fan of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” – a group of four turtles that have been brought to life with ninja like characteristics. They studied under the guidance of the master sensei Splinter, a wise old rat who somehow learned the art of being a master ninja. I loved the show and wished for nothing more than to be Leonardo. He wore blue and carried a long stick that he used to fight criminals. I, too, began carrying a large stick everywhere, a broom actually – even to school so that I was ready to play ninja turtles at any time! Needless to say that this was not allowed and my parents were called into to school to discuss my choices with my teachers.

Back in the old days, if your parent showed up to school it usually meant you were in trouble. But for children whose parents regularly involve themselves in school activities, ‘parents as expert’ visits are a positive aspect to a child’s day. At Huili Nursery Hangzhou we welcome parent involvement, collaboration and fully understand the value in our partnership. Parent involvement in this capacity shows your child and your child’s teacher that you view education as an important aspect of life – one worth participating in.

Early Years education is just the beginning of a child’s lifelong journey of learning and discovery. Involving yourself in our learning community allows you to have a peek into the world of our ‘world’ the Nursery. In the Nursery we encourage parent involvement in many ways.

Parent workshops and information sessions

We firmly believe in the value of a learning community taking into account all of our members. We therefore invite parents to learn more about us as a school, our approaches to learning, our staff and how your child learns.

Parents as experts

Parents come from many different backgrounds, experiences, cultures and families. We highly value these skills and believe that to successfully support our children on their own journeys of self-discovery, we need to work in partnership to provide them with as many different opportunities and understandings of the world as possible. Parents help us shape and construct a learning environment conducive to our children and the world they live in.

Communicating learning

Processes of learning take pride-of-place throughout the Nursery, and act as the most up-to-date bookmarks for children to chart, reflect, visit, and build upon their journeys. For our families, the walls act as a visible invitation to visit and engage with the learning community. For teachers, walls are a way to collaborate and review class projects and experiences and serve to document the progression of individual learning. This is what teachers refer to as ‘documentation’.

We are looking very much forward to welcoming you back into the Nursery very soon!