Meet the Master: The Beginning of an Educational Journey

The inaugural Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou “Meet the Master” parent information sessions were held on Saturday, September 9th. The excitement and passion of the founding academic leadership team was matched by our community members, who quickly reserved the limited spaces available at both the morning and afternoon sessions, booking them out within a very short time of their announcement.

These information sessions were a welcome opportunity to provide parents with a deeper understanding of the Wellington College China bilingual educational model; a model that will set the standard of excellence in bilingual education in Hangzhou and beyond. The passion and experience of the founding academic leadership team were evident as they introduced themselves to parents and answered many of the excellent questions parents raised.

Parents arrived at the venue early, and took the time to read through our prospectus.


Wellington College China Chair of the Board of Governors, Ms. Joy Qiao, Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou, Paul Rogers and Director of Schools Wellington College China, Dr. Ahmed Hussain each made speeches respectively.


Ms. Sharon Wan, Deputy Head of Early Years, Mr. Jonathan Mills, Head of Primary and Mr. Shen Guoqiang, Head of Junior High introduced themselves and their educational philosophies. They then spoke about the ethos, curriculum, facilities and unique features of their respective departments. Ms. Jacqueline Speer, Head of Early Years, sent her greetings by video.


Parents responded enthusiastically to the speakers.


Parents actively asked questions and communicated with the speakers. The intimate setting of the information sessions enabled the community members to get to know the academic leadership team, and gain a deep understanding of the Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou holistic approach to education.


Questions from the attendees, as well as those questions raised on WeChat, were addressed by the speakers.


These parent information sessions were just the beginning of the educational journey, and the development of positive relationships between the College and our parents. We look forward to meeting with more parents face-to-face, allowing us the opportunity to share our passion for fostering the well-rounded development of children, as we partner with our community members to create a caring bilingual community.