Meet the Master Event Recap: Message from a Special Guest

Both Meet the Master and Academic Leadership Team Parent Information Sessions at Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou were full on 23rd September. Although the weather was uncomfortable, with heavy rain and fog, our parents came to the session earlier than scheduled and remained well after the event, asking many perceptive questions and taking the opportunity to meet the Wellington College Hangzhou academic team.

Parents who came in advance examining the model of our school.

Guests for this week’s Meet the Master and Leadership Team Information Sessions were lucky to be joined by a special guest, Helen Kavanagh, the International Business Director at Wellington College UK and Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors at Wellington College China. Ms. Kavanagh was in China for one of her regularly scheduled visits, as part of our commitment to ensure that that Wellington College China and Wellington College UK remain in close cooperation.

Helen Kavanagh, International Business Director at Wellington College in England and Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors at Wellington College China

During this trip to China, Helen first participated the Wellington College International Tianjin University Fair at Wellington College International Tianjin, and then came to Hangzhou to attend the Structure Capping Ceremony for the campus buildings of Wellington College Hangzhou. After that, Helen spent one more day in Hangzhou for the Meet the Master and Leadership Team Parent Information Sessions, and made a speech in the morning session, while also answering several questions from parents during the Q&A session.

Helen Kavanagh talking with parents

A key message of Ms. Kavanagh’s speech was to highlight the strong relationships and bond between Wellington College UK, and Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou. Ms. Kavanagh emphasised the uniquely close relationship and partnership at all levels between Wellington College UK and Wellington College China , which allows us to maintain adherence to the Wellington Values and Identity. Wellington College UK provides education expertise to facilitate the operation of Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou. This includes all aspects of the education offered and provided. The close relationship with Wellington College UK and Wellington College China allows for exchange of ideas, professional learning and ensuring we all uphold our Values, Identity and the highest quality of education.

From quality assurance processes, candidate screening and teaching staff exchanges, through to standardisation of teaching methodologies and regular communications between academic and non-academic staff at all levels, Ms.  Kavanagh was keen to stress that the relationships are deep, genuine and ongoing, and that parents of children who attend Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou can rest assured that their children will receive a true Wellington experience, while also benefiting from the deep emphasis that Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou places on Chinese traditions and culture.

Joy Qiao, Chair of Governors at Wellington China, Paul Rogers, Executive Master of Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou, Dr. Ahmed Hussain, Director of Schools at Wellington College China and the Academic Leadership Team made speeches respectively and took the opportunity to answer parents’ questions about our curriculum, teachers, management team as well as our campus.