Our First Open Day! Reflections on Life at Huili School Hangzhou

On November 9th, Huili School Hangzhou hosted our first ever Open Day for both Primary and Junior High. While we have received rich feedback and information through a range of communication channels, and parents may have gathered updates from their own excited children returning home to talk about what they have been learning, the Open Day provided a rare opportunity for parents to come and attend classes in person. Parents had a chance to see for themselves the high-quality bilingual curriculum being implemented, enhanced by the Huili education ethos with it’s focus on holistic education, and inspired by the best of the Eastern and the Western educational practices. In addition, the Open Day provided deeper insights into the inspiring environment we are aiming to create for our pupils, encouraging them to actively engage in the learning process.

In ICT classes, pupils are learning how to program using a software called ‘Scratch’. After creating their own custom-built coding projects, Mr. Fryer, our ICT Teacher, gave pupils the opportunity to run their programs in a test environment, and provided individual feedback and advice to pupils.

G5 Carson Chen

In my opinion, the teaching style at Huili School Hangzhou is different from my previous school. I feel all my ideas are meaningful and I receive feedback and advice from my teachers. Instead of cramming in study over one or two sessions, we are always given the opportunities to reach out from our comfort zones and explore problems on our own, suggesting possible correct answers independently and receiving support from our teachers.

G5 Stella Tang

The teachers here are one of my favorite parts of Huili School Hangzhou. If I have any questions that I cannot figure out, they will always explain patiently to me until I can fully understand the question and solve all the problems I have.

In Science classes, teachers were working with pupils to explore interesting daily phenomena through a series of experiments and helping pupils to foster a curiosity about the world in which they live in.

G6 Sharon Wang

Since studying at Huili School Hangzhou, I have learnt not only to create a study plan, but also to pace my study to a regular schedule and avoid procrastination. My English has also improved a lot due to these effective study routines. Science is my favorite subject, because of the interesting and insightful experiments we do. If we have any concerns, our science teacher always explains the related theory and knowledge to us patiently.

In English class, Ms. Stephanie teaches grammar in a fun and inspiring way, which is organised into a variety of activities. For example, a word-changing contest required teams to list down as many synonyms as possible, and the team that won the game was awarded house points. Due to the engaging nature of the lessons, pupils are actively involved in the learning process and improve their grammar through their intrinsic motivation.

G3 Tracy Xie

I think one of the benefits of studying at Huili school Hangzhou is the various types of activities we have during classes. Because of these activities, we are able to remember more, and we are always interested in learning.

The performing arts department provids rich lessons that combine the best of Chinese and Western teaching pedagogy. Among other things, pupils learning popular western songs, such as ‘Hey Jude’, and Chinese songs, like ‘blue and white porcelain’. During Open Day, pupils were seen to be learning a variety of musical instruments, such as xylophones and electronic organs. At Huili School Hangzhou, pupils are being provided with a differentiated experience, focusing on their own interests and abilities, with enrichment in the areas they are already strong, and exposure to a wide range of new experiences; allowing them to develop holistically. In addition, last week we invited a professional theatre company – Round Midnight to organize performing art workshops for our pupils.

A variety of co-curricular activities allows children to explore areas they are interested in, and receive new experiences they may not have tried previously.

G7 Richard Tu

I really enjoy every single class at Huili and have taken to these classes enthusiastically. My attention cannot be distracted due to the interesting content that teachers are delivering. I take good notes in class and understand them thoroughly by reviewing my notes later. This helps in remembering important subject matter learned during the day and makes studying targeted and effective. It also means I save time, and can spend more time contributing to other activities, such as after-school activities (ASA). I participated in programming, public speaking, and film making. I often play badminton and basketball with my classmates while I am free. These activities provide me with opportunities to broaden my horizons, release some of the stresses of learning, and encourage me to be more confident.

G2 Ryan Chen

After studying at Huili School Hangzhou, I have tried a lot of courses that I had never studied before. Especially, I chose Lego Builders as my After School Activity and I also learnt music instruments. I am so happy!

G4 Queena Jiang

In Huili, I have less homework and more time to explore my interests. For example, I recently learned about comics in my After School Activities. I was so happy to be able to draw my favourite character, Harry Potter. This allowed me to try a new skill I hadn’t tried before.

G6 Daniel Li

The first thought that came to my mind when thinking about life at Huili is that I have less homework. However, we still learn a lot and grow academically. My learning efficiency has improved by reviewing all the learning content thoroughly. In addition to study, I also take a few ASAs such as performing arts, film making, board games and so on. I really like the school life at Huili School Hangzhou!

At Huili School Hangzhou, the rigorous learning continues. We aim to provide a curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable, helping children develop the Huili Values – Courage, Respect, Integrity, Kindness, and Responsibility. Our pupils are able to achieve positive outcomes both academically and in a range of other areas. By providing an inspiring learning environment, we provide a platform for those children who come to class with open hearts and minds.

G1 Elsa Zhao

Our campus is so beautiful that I would prefer to stay at campus all week instead of spending weekends at home.

G1 Will Xu

The Chinese class taught by Ms. Nina is my favorite. She not only teaches us knowledge in class, but also encourage us to behave politely in our daily life.

G2 Daniella Huang

I enjoy my daily school life at Huili School Hangzhou. I have made so many close friends here and learnt much more interesting knowledge than what I have received at my previous school.

G4 Alisha Wang

I have made a lot of talented and kind friends here. They are not only from the same class, but also pupils from other grades.

G7 Hanni Huang

As a boarder, Ming house organises a variety of fun activities as a part of our daily routine. To attend these activities, I have improved my study efficiency, reduced procrastination and achieved my study goals on time. After finishing my homework, I attend swimming training to take my swimming abilities to the next level. My school life is enriched and fulfilled by these massive opportunities. Huili encourages us to pursue perfection and to be better ourselves.

Dear Huili parents, how do you feel about your time during the Open Day? Please share your thoughts with us and write your comments below!