Parents bring the fun to CNY celebrations!

Our Nursery’s long-awaited annual Chinese New Year celebrations finally came. Our lovely pupils dressed in festival costumes and came to the Nursery with their parents early this morning. They proudly introduced each activity of the celebrations to their families.

Different from previous years, apart from pupils and teachers, we also invite members of Huili community to join our celebrations. Therefore, our parents not only accompanied their child/children throughout the whole celebration as participants, but also organized many wonderful activities as parent experts, such as flower arrangement, new year hairstyle and balloon art.

The preparation work for the celebrations kicked off about a month ago. Considering the large number of participants and limited space in our Nursery, we moved some activities to the main building of Wellington College Hangzhou. This therefore allowed us to organize and arrange more activities, while also enabled our pupils and parents to experience more traditional cultural events. Now, Let’s take a look into some of the beautiful and unforgettable photos of this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations.


Our celebrations also provide our pupils a good opportunity to be a “little master of Nursery”, guiding their parents to visit the place they live and study. During today’s celebrations, our pupils introduced almost every area in our Nursery to their parents and invited them to experience their daily study and school life. This process could help to build pupils’ confidence, leadership and responsibility, and to help enhance their sense of belonging to the school. The following pictures show how amazing our pupils are! They were able to take good care of both themselves and their parents.

Our Chinese New Year Celebrations is also a good non-official communication chance between parents and the Nursery. In the festival atmosphere, parents and teachers could chat and share information of pupils’ study and life of the past term in a relaxing mood. This tends to help both sides to prepare better for next term.

Through this celebrating event before Chinese Lunar New Year, all members of Huili community could gather together to congratulate our pupils’ growth! As the Lunar New Year is approaching, let’s welcome the upcoming new term with new mood and full confidence. Let’s write a new chapter of learning and growth with our pupils.

Ms. Judy, the organizer of the Chinese New Year celebrations would also share her experience of this event with us.

As one of the traditional Chinese festivals, the Spring Festival contains many traditional cultural elements. In order to help our pupils better understand our traditional cultures, we prepared the celebrations from three sensorial perspectives: sight, hearing and taste.

What would we see during Spring Festival? To figure out this question, pupils have read books and watched videos about Spring Festival. After reading and discussions, pupils summarized a ‘Spring Festival Elements List’, which contains visual elements like red color, lantern and fireworks.

In order to deepen pupils’ understanding of our Spring Festival, we also organized many activities such as looking for the Spring Festival elements in Nursery, counting how many lanterns are hung in the Nursery and writing Chinese calligraphy “Fu” and pasting the paper with “Fu”. Pupils’ observation, mathematical ability and language communication ability have been improved through these activities.

What would you hear during Spring Festival? For this question, pupils got various answers, including loud firecrackers, inspiring drum and gong. Through the exploration of the sound of traditional Chinese musical instruments, we introduced the traditional art “dragon and lion dance” to pupils.

Pupils showed great interest in this kind of traditional festive performance, and they also made the props and costumes for dragon and lion dance with recyclable resources. Then they confidently performed a wonderful dragon and lion dance show for all teachers and pupils.
What would you eat during Spring Festival? Through discussions of this question, we learnt that pupils have tried various foods on the special occasion, such as dumplings, rice cakes, spring rolls and tangyuan (sweet rice balls). They still remembered the taste of dumplings, rice cakes, and the color of spring rolls, but they didn’t know how to make these festive foods and the special meaning of each food.

Thus, we had invited some parents to our classrooms, introducing how to make these traditional foods and what they mean in traditional Chinese culture. During the food making process, pupils carefully listened to parents’ guidance and tried their best to follow the steps.

Pupils enjoyed the foods a lot and well understood the blessing meaning behind the foods. For instance, dumplings represent rich because the food look like gold ingots; rice cakes represent job promotion’ because its pronunciation in Chinese is the homophony of job promotion in Chinese; spring rolls represent endless fortune because the color of spring rolls is gold.

Hereby, on behalf of all Huili Nursery staff, I would like to show our sincere thanks to all of you. Thanks indeed for your understanding and support over the past term and wish you all a happy and joyful new year! Wish all our pupils have a better new year.