For Parents: Ready for School!

On Friday, June 29th, a warm Hangzhou summer day, Huili School Hangzhou warmly welcomed our Founding Parents to join us in the Wellington College Hangzhou Grand Theatre to attend three Pre-Joining Parent Information Sessions. Parents happily gathered together, enjoying refreshments in the poolside café, looking forward to the first day of school on August 30th.

As the Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, Mr. Paul Rogers expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the parents present; thanking them for the trust and support they were showing our new school. He said confidently, “We are clear about what we mean by a great bilingual education. Our pupils, when they finish their schooling with us, will possess written and spoken Chinese as good as the pupils in the best Chinese schools. They will also speak and write English as well as the very best children in any other Wellington College International School. Because we aim to bring together the best of both worlds, everyone involved in Huili School Hangzhou will have some new and unfamiliar experiences. Our Chinese teachers and leaders will find themselves at times following some quite unfamiliar western practices. And our British teachers and leaders will be adapting to use the very best of Chinese practices”.

For many young Nursery pupils, parents may worry about how they will adapt to school life, considering it will be their first time staying with peers and being away from home. We understand this and have made robust preparations. Jacqueline Speer, Head of Early Years at Huili Nursery Hangzhou, and Sharon Wan, Deputy Head of Early Years at Huili Nursery Hangzhou, introduced Nursey routines including how to create a good schedule at home, and how to relax children during the morning health check.  Parent were requested to carefully complete an “All About Me” form to help teachers better understand each of the children prior to the beginning of classes. In particular, parents are asked to introduce their child’s interests, habits, toilet routines and other elements of their daily life. This will help our academic and support staff to prepare familiar terms and routines for children. In addition, parents were asked to share a picture of their children’s favorite place, which will be placed on the classroom wall to help strengthen pupils’ sense of belonging and the connection between family and school. Additionally, Founding Parents and Pupils have will have the special honour of helping the Nursery team to name the various areas of the Nursery. Together, we can create community memories; our joint founding memories of Huili Nursery Hangzhou!

Mr. Jonathan Mills, Head of Primary, was unable to attend the Pre-Joining Information Sessions, as he was at the Wellington College in England preparing for an induction programme that many of our teachers will attend. As a result, Mr. Shen Guoqiang, Head of Junior High, had the honour of presenting to parents from Grade 1 through to Grade 7. The presentation covered what pupils and parents should expect as new members of our school community in terms of daily routines, contact information and general community expectations. It is also important that pupils from Grade 1 to Grade 7 participate in the CCAs every school day. Our CCAs comes in three key strands;  Academic, Sporting and Arts & Culture. CCAs are designed to develop well-rounded pupils with rich interests and a variety of skills. Moreover, the CCA programme will include travel programmes, such as camping, field trips, academic research etc. Through the CCA programme, pupils will have many opportunities to go out and broaden their horizons and develop a holistic skill set.

Our Service team also shared many key details in the following service areas:


Sodexo, the world-class caterer we have selected through our rigorous tendering process, will provide fresh and nutritionally balanced food for pupils and staff every day. They have a professional catering manager and nutritionist in residence. An important point was made during this presentation that we need all parents to remember; the Wellington College Hangzhou campus is a nut-free campus. Allergies to nuts can be life-threatening, and as we are committed to providing a safe school environment for all of our pupils, we will not allow pupils to bring nuts to school and nuts will not be served by our catering provider. If your child has any special demands or food allergies, please be sure to provide this information in the medical information forms you submit to the admissions department.

School Uniform

Our school uniform follows the traditional design elements of Wellington College in the England, and is standardised across all Huili and Wellington College schools throughout Wellington College China. All of the uniforms are strictly quality tested and sourced from a high quality school uniform vendor to ensure providing pupils with the highest quality. There are two ways to buy school uniforms: through our online uniform shop or at our on-campus school uniform store. Our uniform store also provides services such as refund, replacement and repair and so on. The uniform shop will be launched on July 20th, and orders should be placed prior to July 30th, so that the uniforms can be delivered successfully to school by the August orientation days for fitting and testing.

School Bus

As previously announced, our school bus service is run by a highly experienced school bus vendor, with experience across a range of international and bilingual schools throughout China. Our buses meet or exceed all safety and quality standards, including air purification systems to ensure the health of our pupils as they travel to and from school. Time spend on the school bus should not be wasted. To this end, our school bus vendor will provide a “mobile classroom” service, with educational materials being provided for pupils throughout their daily trips. Parent convenience is also important, and to that end our bus service is complimented with a mobile app that shows where your child’s bus is, and provides notifications as they get on the bus, and when they will arrive at the stop.

We are pleased to announce that we have planned 14 bus routes covering a majority of Hangzhou, and reaching the vast majority of our families. These routes are currently going through the final approval stage with the relevant authorities, and our bus vendor is testing the routes to finalise the specific pick-up and drop-off times. Final bus routes will be published on July 20th, after which our Services team will contact all families who have requested a bus to do the final registration and confirmation process.

We will send out the detailed route information to our enrolled families in the coming days, with the understanding that these routes are subject to change, pending approval from the authorities.

We are extremely excited as we put in the final preparations for the opening of school. We look forward to meeting our pupils on their orientation days, which are as follows;

  • EY1: 9:00–11:00         August 20th
  • EY2: 13:00–15:00       August 21st
  • EY3-EY4: 13:00–15:00       August 22nd
  • G1-G3: 13:00–15:00       August 21st
  • G4-G7: 13:00–15:00       August 22nd

Please make all necessary adjustments to your holiday plans, to ensure that you can attend these important orientation sessions.

We look forward to seeing you in August!