Pastoral Care and the House System

At Huili School Hangzhou nothing is more important than the Pastoral care of our pupils, it is at the very core of our ethos. We acknowledge that every child is different and treat every child according to their needs as we nurture their development; emotionally, academically, culturally and physically – to allow each of them to develop their potential, so that over time they will gain their own individual Huili identity. We develop the potential every child possesses, through the support, opportunities and choices we provide, which enable every individual to flourish in an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Our curriculum is holistic, designed to not only bring academic achievement but to also bring experiences that will encourage positive characteristics in our children’s development. Our children will have the emotional and intellectual skills needed to successfully meet the challenges that the society of tomorrow will place before them.

When your child joins Huili School Hangzhou they (and you) will also become part of a House. Each house is like an extended family within the school. They are made up of children from every grade. The House allows each child to cultivate relationships and make friends with children from other grades. The Houses will (amongst other things) compete in friendly school competitions in all areas of school life and provide opportunities for children at all ages to gain responsibilities and to practice their leadership skills.
Each House is led by a Housemaster or Housemistress ably assisted by House Tutors and other house staff. The house staff leads house assemblies and engender a sense of belonging, community and pride in their House. Members of each House grow to believe that their House is the best! Siblings always join the same house and over time the children’s families will develop close relationships with the Houses and contribute to the nature of the House – at my last school in England some children came to the school with their parents requesting that they joined the House that their fathers and grandfathers had belonged to as children.Houses have more recently become known better to some, through the Harry Potter films, where children and staff formed deep positive relationships that went beyond the academic and where the trust, care and bonds became second nature as they helped each other in pursuit of what they felt was right. At Huili School Hangzhou we will see this aspect to our houses too.

Although children below Grade 4 will belong to Houses, our full house system will start at Grade 4, when children will go to their own House Rooms each morning for registration. The House Master or Mistress and Tutors will lead the pastoral wellbeing of those in their care. In Grades 1 – 3, children register in their own classroom and the pastoral care role is largely led by their homeroom teachers. In the Primary and Junior High School, the house system also provides support for and aids the delivery of the specific subject of Wellbeing to all children.

At Huili School Hangzhou we have five school Houses, boarders are also part of the Boarding House which provides an extra level of care for those children for whom the school is home to from Monday to Friday.Our houses are: Hui House, Xian House, Li House, De House, Si House, and Ming House (Boarding).