Pastoral Programme

Pastoral care is central to the vision and ethos of Huili School Hangzhou; it affects and influences every aspect of the educational journey a pupil experiences whilst at the College. Pastoral provision serves as the nurturing and developmental experience of the pupils in our care. Each child is unique, with individual needs, potential, limitations and opportunities. Our pastoral systems focus on the child as an individual, in order to maximise the development of their potential. Our aim is to provide a transformative experience, fully developing each pupil’s values and identity, allowing them to thrive at the College and provide the greatest likelihood of long term happiness and fulfilment.

Pastoral Programme

Pastoral provision in Grade 1 to 3 is provided by the class teachers. It comprises a wellbeing programme that is a proactive and positive approach to personal and social development along with personal guidance and support from the teacher.

From Grade 4, pupils are allocated to a House and follow a structured wellbeing programme designed to equip pupils with the knowledge, aptitudes and skills needed to thrive in life at the college and beyond. Importantly, in wellbeing, pupils are given the tools to fulfilling and rewarding lives whilst also promoting confidence, resilience and self-regulation. Wellbeing is central to the education at Huili School Hangzhou.

Wellbeing is supported by a number of other services available to pupils including counselling, mentoring and coaching. Each is devised to allow pupils to fulfil their potential at the College and to enhance performance and achievement through professional guidance and support.


The House System at Huili School Hangzhou is consistent in design and operation to that of our sister schools in England and China. Indeed, the Houses are named after those originally established at the Wellington College in England, and serve as an authentic connection between China and England.

Each House is led by a Housemaster(H) or Housemistress (HM) and a team of House Tutors. On a day-to-day basis it is the HM and tutors who deal with pastoral issues concerning the pupils in their care and they should therefore be the first point of contact for parents. In addition, the tutor looks after assigned pupils from a particular year group and will help oversee both academic and pastoral matters. Tutors, too, will be a point of contact for all parents.

Wellingtonians undoubtedly feel that their House is very much their home in the College and it is a real strength that every Wellingtonian feels that their House is the best. In addition, in the case of our Boarding House, it is the place they will live, sleep, relax and work. For our day pupils, their House Room is far more than simply another space. It is a space for them to relax and do some quiet reading, independent study or prep. For many Wellingtonians their House Room is also where they develop their most enduring friendships and is the place where there they can meet with any one of our team of dedicated House Tutors who will support and guide your child throughout their time at the College.

There will be various House competitions held throughout the year to celebrate pupils’ skills in sports, performing arts and academic endeavours. All team and individual successes will count towards the House cup, awarded at the end of the academic year.