Reading Does Not Serve Solely for the Purpose of Writing

Tangtang, the Deputy Chair of Zhejiang Province’s Author Association and well-known fairy tale writer, came to Huili School Hangzhou last Monday to give a lecture for G3 to G6 pupils on “Learning to Write from Good Books.” She shared details on her experience as an author, discussing how she creates a character’s distinct features, uses imagination, applies vivid language, adds sincere emotions, creates an atmosphere of suspense and provokes readers’ thoughts. During the lecture, pupils jumped into the discussion and actively answered questions, a fine demonstration of the Huili identities of being inspired and intellectual.

Mandarin teachers at Huili give great importance in their daily lessons to developing their pupils’ reading habits and sparking their interest in reading. In addition to weekly reading lessons and activities, like creating booklists or having pupils share their thoughts on the books they have read, we are still actively exploring other possibilities to keep our pupils interested.

Although many of our pupils had already read Tangtang’s books including Beauty Tree and Take Shelter in Your Heart, they re-read them during their classes and over the weekends in preparation for her visit. During her lecture, the famous writer used six books as examples to discuss her insights on reading and writing with Huili pupils, and was surprised to learn that many of them had already read the six books. She could not help but commend the pupils, “You’ve read so many books! It is nice to see you learn from so many classics at such a young age.”

When the lecture came to an end, pupils who had brought their books written by Tangtang received her autograph and engaged in more in-depth communication with the famous author.

To encourage the growth of our pupils, Huili School Hangzhou is ready to organize activities and other opportunities to further enrich our pupils’ lives and learning experiences.