Reflecting on a Week at Huili School Hangzhou

Huili School Hangzhou pupils have now been attending classes for five days, quickly adapting to the new learning environment and embodying the Huili Values. Below, let’s take a look at some activities of the past week, and hopefully provide deeper insights into the inspiring environment we aim to create for our pupils.

Visual Art

The Theme of this unit is ‘All About Me’, and this was reflected in the Art curriculum.

Pupils were given the opportunity to explore their own self-impressions, by creating self-portraits under the guidance of Art teachers Mr. Richard Lucas and Mr. Leif Raiha. Pupils were instructed to carefully examine the details of their own face in mirror, perhaps a unique experience in itself. They were then asked to combine elements of outline, detail, colour, light and shadow to compose a self-portrait demonstrating what they found in their reflection. This activity helped pupils to become more self-aware, and to examine the individual characteristics that make them unique individuals.


Head of Music Ms. Jennifer Gaul and other music teachers provided rich lessons where pupils had an opportunity to perform on a variety of musical instruments. Pupils are being provided a differentiated experience, whether it be enriching their existing skills, or learning the basics of the stave and exploring musical instruments from around the world. One important task this week has been to practice the school song, and all pupils have taken to this enthusiastically. It is not uncommon to hear the school song echoing throughout the school halls. The pupils pride in their role at Huili School Hangzhou is clearly reflected through their enthusiasm and gusto.


Sport is an important element of life at Huili.

Last week the Director of Sport, Mr. Jason Billows, has wasted no time in putting the pupils through their paces. Pupils are pushing themselves, not only as individuals but also in the critical skill of teamwork.

The Swimming instructor conducted a basic physical test.

Pupils push their teamwork skills through intense basketball matches in the indoor gymnasium.

Pupils competed in one-on-one badminton competitions.

Huili Nursery Hangzhou Curriculums

Our Huili Nursery Hangzhou pupils were very happy to enter the classrooms after finishing the morning check, such as washing their hands with hand gel, monitoring their temperature, and other general health checks. The teachers were waiting eagerly for their pupils in the classrooms, where they were ready to fascinate them with a robust curriculum that develops the whole child.

Teachers captivated children with stories and delved into the exciting world of books and storytelling. The children were given choices to make. For example, they could join the teacher to prepare lunch or construct a house with other classmates. Simply by virtue of enacting play experiences, these activities enhance pupils’ ability to form cooperative awareness, and help cultivate team spirit.

This week, the rigorous learning continues. Here at Huili we provide a curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable, helping children develop the many facets that make them unique. By providing an inspiring learning environment, we provide a platform for those children who come to class with open hearts and minds, and a strong desire to learn and take advantages of all the opportunities that await them here. Parents, let us work together to build a positive community that helps the children in our care realise their dreams!