School Activities Coming in the New Term

As parents know, we hold After School Activities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as part of our CCA program. As these are not actually held ‘after’ school, we have from 19th February been referring to these as School Activities.

Reflecting back over the second block of School Activities, and the variety of different experiences we have been able to offer the pupils, was very pleasing. Some of the many notable activities I witnessed were the pupils from Ms. Claire Zhang’s ‘Introduction to Chinese Tea’ sharing the tea they made in the traditional style, seeing the number of girls involved in football on Tuesdays with Ms. Donkin and the pupils building chairs out of cardboard in Mr. Bane’s Young Engineers group. One of the most pleasing activities that happened in Block 2 was the pupils organising a charity event at a local community centre. This highlighted so many of our values, with our pupils taking the lead role in organising the event.

The countdown to Block 3 has begun – only a few days before it starts on Tuesday 26th February. In Block 3 we have made further improvements by increasing the number and range of activities offered to 151 each week. We will be reviewing this over the period and may reduce this for Block 4 if we fell that the quality can be even further improved. We are pleased to be in a position to continue offering the very popular roller-blading, and can now also offer the activity to grades 1 and 2 as well. Over 90% of the activities continue from Block 2 to allow a consistent approach for pupils who want to explore their chosen activity further. I look forward to spending time visiting our new activities like Diablo, Super Hero’s Club and Korean Traditional Dancing, and watching the pupils experience these for the first time. Another exciting development during this block will be the growth of our web blog, where our pupils will start reporting on what happens in our School Activities. School Activities are not just giving the pupils an opportunity to learn new skills, should be also seen as an opportunity to consolidate their learning. Working with Mr. Shen, Head of Junior High, we have introduced English language acquisition classes to help some of our pupils improve their language skills.

In order to keep improving what we offer as a school, Mr. Paul Rogers, several staff and I had a meeting with parents at the end of last term. As a result, we have adapted our ongoing CCA Action Plan and as part of this, we would like to invite parents to attend a block 3 ‘School Activities Session’ this Friday at 3.30pm in the school gymnasium. This will be an opportunity for parents to talk to teachers who are taking these activities face to face. (We will be sharing this Action Plan with those staff who attended the meeting in due course.)

Date: Friday, 22nd February

Time: 3.30pm – 4.45pm

Place: School gymnasium

We look forward to the start of block 3!