School Activities Updates| School Activities Open Day

It was great to welcome parents to our third School Activities Parent’s Open Day last Thursday (June 13th, 2019).  Our staff are very proud of their School Activities and it was pleasing for them to show off their activities to the parents. We have already put into next year’s whole school calendar three School Activities Parent’s Open Days, plus we have added another parent and pupil information session on Friday, August 30th in the gymnasium. During this session you will be able to walk around with your child and talk to all the staff about what activities will be offered to them.  More information about this information session will be shared in August.

It may have rained on Thursday, but it did not dampen the spirit of our pupils or the staff. Whether you visited Olympic Maths with Mr. Li, or Baking with Ms. Hasselkvist, or stood outside in the rain to watch the golf activity with Mr. Douglas, there was plenty of positive energy to be witnessed everywhere!

It was excellent to visit Mr. Lucas’s art class and observe the massive mural being created by the pupils employing the technique of block printing by using polystyrene.  You are always guaranteed to see an inventive and creative pupil experience in his sessions. The weather played its part during the session, but that didn’t stop the hive of activity from taking place on the third floor with rollerblading pupils going in and out of cones backwards, tennis stroke techniques being refined and table tennis backhands being challenged. It was great to see.  It is during these times when pupils learn about flexibility and adaptability: essential for the world of work. The wealth of knowledge about ecology which Mr. Philips possesses is inspiring. Listening to his passionate discussions about plastics and the impact China and other countries have played in damaging the oceans in ‘Trip Travellers’ cannot fail to leave a long-lasting impression on the pupils. Developing an appreciation of the world around us and the impact make on the worlds ecosystems is invaluable and I am grateful for Mr. Philips’ passion.  Viewing the technical input from Ms. Hou in synchronised swimming as the pupils swam up and down the pool in perfect straight lines, we can clearly see the positive impact of these sessions and imagine the fantastic outcomes we will see in the future. Who knows where our swimmers might be in five or ten years time? Ms. Hou’s sessions are a great opportunity to learn about dedication and commitment.

I look forward to inviting you to the next Open Day in the next academic year.