School Activities Updates| School Activities Open Day

It was very pleasing to receive positive verbal recognition for our School Activities program from the Wellington College School Review before the Qing Ming holiday. Linked to this recognition from the Wellington College in England, we recently held another School Activities Parent Open Day session, and it was wonderful to listen to and communicate with many parents about the level of detailed planning they witnessed by staff; the level of technical input from staff; and their enthusiasm and motivation in their sessions. During Block 4 we will look to offer a similar open day opportunity, particularly for activities not seen during the recent open day sessions.

We are now mid-way through School Activities Block 3 and preparations are in full swing for Block 4. Following discussions with pupils, staff and parents we have made few amendments to the activities we will be offering. One of these amendments is to reduce the number of School Activities being offered. One of the benefits of this change is that more staff will be available to support each School Activity. We are in the final stages of investigating new ways of informing pupils on the specific details of each School Activity, and how we will subsequently send their choices home to you so that you can play an active role in helping your child select the appropriate School Activities for them.

We are pleased to announce that we will begin hosting a number of activities provided by external coaches. One of these activities is sailing. I visited the sailing venue last Friday to conduct a venue risk assessment and can say with confidence that it is a well-resourced facility with notable health and safety features. I cannot wait for the first session to commence, where we will see the pupils learning a completely new activity. The external vendor is looking forward to working with us and there are future possibilities once we have established our relationship with them. Another activity we are looking forward to starting up is kayaking with Mr. Callum Donkin. Mr. Donkin is a highly qualified kayaking coach and very experienced kayaker who can kayak in up to Grade 4 rivers. Both these new activities will be a great addition to our program and activities that we are seeking to build on, hopefully leading to competitions, the development of our sailing and kayaking clubs, and offsite trips where pupils will kayak rapids and rivers and sailing larger yachts. Two new on-site activities being introduced are baking activities with Mr. Fryer and Ms. Hasselkvist. I know from previous experience how popular these types of activities are with the pupils. I am looking forward to visiting the baking classroom and seeing the pupils’ creations.

The Block 4 Schoolbuddy sign up will open on Thursday 25th April 8:30am and close on Sunday 28th April 10:00pm. You shall receive an email alert from us to confirm the details. The Block 4 activities start the week after the House singing competition on Tuesday 7th May and finish on Thursday 20th June. The final full week of school will be a final House competition and School Activities celebration.