School Buses

For the convenience of our pupils and parents we provide a daily school bus service in cooperation with Hangzhou New Navigator School Bus Operation and Management Service Co., Ltd. The service operates 53 pickup points in Hangzhou, with the aim of maximising coverage and convenience.

Each bus is supervised by a locally employed Bus Monitor, who is responsible for pupils’ safety and wellbeing during the journey, as well as managing the children’s behaviour.

We aim to provide all pupils with safe and comfortable transportation to and from school. All parents who wish for their children to make use of this service are required to read the School Bus Service Policy carefully before the first day of school.

School bus services are available for pupils in grade 1 and above.

Parents wishing for their children to travel with the school bus to and/or from school should secure their booking by completing the School Bus Application Form. Provided that there is a viable seat and bus route available, our service department will send the applicant a confirmation letter with all the relevant details, including the starting date, pick-up/drop off points, pick-up/drop off times and other relevant information.

Applications later in the year is only permitted one month prior to beginning of each term. Bus schedule timings as well as permanent changes to pick-up and drop-off points may occur during the year along the pre-set bus routes, though parents and pupils will be informed of any such changes in advance.

School bus fee is RMB9,500 per semester; RMB19,000 per year.

Parents/guardians should wear ID cards when they drop off and pick up their child(ren) at the bus stops.

The bus routes and schedules for journeys are published here for your information. The afternoon bus routes and schedules are available on request due to the complexity of our bus operations in the afternoons. Please email directly if you have any enquires regarding the afternoon bus routes.

Click here to download bus schedules