Sharing our love of learning!

We celebrate a learning environment beneficial to positively influencing young children – making our love of learning contagious! We pride ourselves in being educators who are enthusiastic about continuing our own education, and who are passionate about seeking better ways to motivate and inspire learning in our pupils with their many unique styles of understanding and development. Finding joy and excitement in the journey of our own professional development, models and inspire our pupils to love learning too.

We believe that educators who love learning are naturally better teachers. That’s why we constantly challenge everyone in the Nursery to pursue new growth opportunities. Teaching in the early years is as much a learning experience for us as educators, as it is for our pupils. We see Professional Development as lessons that happen daily through interactions with each other and our children, reflection on teaching and learning, in addition to workshops and trainings.

Over the course of the coming week we will all join in and/or lead several in-house workshops and training sessions hosted by our many talented and skillful teachers, coordinators and members of the Huili Nursery Learning Community. Taking full advantage of this opportunity ensures that our practice remains relevant and effective in the long run, helping us in finding ways to:

Go Above and Beyond!

We believe that “learning” goes beyond conveying knowledge and teaching concepts or approaches to pupils. As early years practitioners we constantly aim to identify new and innovative ways to invigorate and engage learners at the Nursery. Whether this includes the latest developments in a specific area such as Wellbeing and Involvement, mark making in Literacy or the intention behind a Mindfulness Garden – we constantly explore new ways to enhance our own skills to provide better experiences for our children to succeed.

Learning from Each Other

We always aim to challenge ourselves and our peers to share teaching practice and our distinctly different learning journeys within the Nursery and beyond, we have a unique opportunity to learn from each other, what works within our classrooms and how to best identify strategies that can enhance the learning that takes place.

Improving Pupil Achievement

One of the many great qualities of a Huili Nursery teacher is to always seek more effective ways in helping pupils learn, grow and develop – searching for new and creative ways to evaluate and measure success in pupil learning processes. Making use of the information collected and then planning for those very important next steps.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our learning framework at Huili Nursery Hangzhou – whether that’s exploring technology through ‘make believe’, discovering new worlds in our bilingual project approach or actively engaging in problem solving activities during outdoor discovery time. We encourage our teachers to find creative ways to ensure we are providing significant, challenging and relevant learning engagements for each and every child in our care.

When we as educators get the chance to help each other and learn from one another, through our Internal Professional Development days at Huili Nursery, we are able to share our experiences and research, evaluate each other’s learning engagements in the classroom, and join forces to provide more creative and innovative educational experiences for our pupils and learning community.

Keep Learning!

The Nursery Team