Alexander Gordon

As someone with a long-standing interest in working with young people, Alex made the leap into teaching in 2010 and has nine years of varied, invaluable experience working with different cohorts.

Having studied a BA Honours in Marketing and Advertising at the University of the Arts London between 2003-2006, his initial experience with young people came in the form of a part-time holiday job as a Playworker working with children who had learning difficulties and disabilities. It would be this experience which would eventually lead him into teaching. After completing his BA Honours, Alex used his marketing and business skills by working for a couple of notable charities in London but always felt like he could make a greater impact. This led to him being employed by East Surrey College where his teaching journey began.

Alex started his teaching role as a Youth Engagement Lecturer, specialising in teaching a range of subjects to disengaged young people aged between 15-19. Subjects included Maths, English, Business, Life Skills and Sport. He obtained his teaching qualification, The Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) and Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS), alongside his day-to-day teaching. He was responsible for creating, branding and teaching on a suite of specialist programmes which gained an excellent reputation for their ability to re-engage young people who were at risk of falling away from the education system. This enhanced his passion for the value of education and the rewarding results inspired him and led to him being promoted to the role of Youth Engagement Coordinator where he added management expertise to his skillset.

In 2017 Alex moved away from his role as Youth Engagement Coordinator and found a new internal position as a Special Needs Lecturer/Course Leader where he returned to working with young people with disabilities and learning difficulties, enjoying two of the most fulfilling years of his career and helping students make extraordinary strides in their progress. He says that the positivity and determination of these students would just drive him to perform even better. Alex has gained a reputation for empowering his students, encouraging independence through exploratory learning and giving them a huge sense of self-worth and confidence.

Although he is able to turn his hand to many subjects, Alex holds a particular passion for English and the importance of this subject is demonstrated in his personal life. Alex is a journalist for a music magazine and has written and performed spoken word poetry. Away from work he is fiercely passionate about music, enjoys DJing and loves travelling to explore and absorb new cultures.

The opportunity to join Huili School Hangzhou brings together these interests and he is excited to contribute to the impressive set of values that set the standard for the learning environment. He looks forward to meeting his new students and helping them to discover new possibilities and renewed aspirations for their educational and personal futures.