Alice Ding

Alice Ding graduated from Zhejiang Normal University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry and holds the Certificate of Senior High School chemistry teacher qualification. She has over 4 years of comprehensive experiences in laboratory management and scientific research fields, which started at Adsorption Separation Lab in ZJNU. A qualified science teacher should be equipped with desire and an ability to explore strongly in their mind.
Before Wellington, she held the position of science teacher for Grade 3 and Grade 5 at Maple Leaf International School in JiaXing ,Zhejiang. She is deeply aware that only in a bilingual or international  school can science subject make education of the discipline meaningful complete.
Outside of the classroom, she loves her life and enjoys her Hangzhou time. She is learning Chinese cooking and loves making her favorite food after working,  She describes herself as quiet and moving like a rabbit. She loves intense sports and having quiet hobbies such as rope skipping, table tennis and playing diablo. Now she is learning Chinese Guzheng. The saying ‘YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE’ is her favorite. She hopes that every student in Wellington can be always curious about the world, always be a pious student and always believe that there is something you want to learn and need to learn in the world.