Andrew MacCarthy

Andrew has been teaching for over twelve years. Prior to teaching, Andrew’s background was in business. After graduating from the University of Brighton, he moved into posts in supply-chain management and account coordination. Andrew discovered his love of teaching during a traveling experience in Australia and South East Asia. His first teaching experiences were as a teacher of English as a foreign language. Having decided to make a career in education, Andrew embarked on a PGCE. He then worked at international schools in South East Asia for the following ten years. During this time, Andrew gained extensive experience both as a primary school teacher and as a specialist teacher of children with English as an additional language.

As a full time student, Andrew attended the University of Brighton and gained a diploma in Business and Personnel. Following this, Andrew acquired several years of office experience. He then completed his BA (Hons) in Business Management. After moving into education he undertook a PGCE through the University of Sunderland. Then he embarked on an MA in International Education, which he passed with distinction, and was awarded the ‘Ede and Ravenscroft’ by the faculty of education.

Andrew’s interests include sport, music – especially playing guitar and singing; reading, writing and science. He is passionate about high-quality education because he believes it leads to children living fulfilling lives that are enormously valuable both to themselves and to the wider communities they impact. Andrew finds it incredibly motivating to contribute to that.