Bronwen Duffield

Bronwen has spent 10 years in schools after completing her PGCE with Middlesex University in 2009. Prior to this, she was an insurance underwriter in London. Since teacher training, Bronwen has worked at schools both in the UK and abroad. Having previously taught at Dulwich College Beijing, she is excited to be moving back to China and is keen to improve her somewhat rusty Chinese.

Most recently based at The British School Kathmandu, Bronwen has taught Year 6 and Year 2, as well as working with the library to improve its curriculum and layout. She was running a popular Junior Librarians club last year, whose members enjoyed learning about the inner workings of the library and how to engage others in reading.

In addition to supporting students, Bronwen enjoys helping guide colleagues through their studies for distance learning master’s degrees and other courses. This includes both the research and the writing processes. Teaching information literacy to children and adults is very satisfying for Bronwen, and it puts her experience with research to good use.

Bronwen believes that a library should be the heart of a school, and so provide the whole community with rich and varied resources that enlighten and inspire. She looks forward to developing the library collection to include a wealth of both English and Chinese language texts, in addition to digital services and other resources. Furthermore, Bronwen is excited to develop and introduce a library curriculum designed around 21st Century skills for all students.

Outside of work, Bronwen enjoys playing board games, baking, cooking and attempting to keep plants alive. She also has a passion for playing Dungeons and Dragons, which inspired her MRes dissertation. Using common elements from role-play games, Bronwen designed and ran an adventure that focused on developing the language skills of students learning English. In addition to these activities, Bronwen is completing an MSc in Library and Information Science, and she is hoping to focus her thesis on bilingual libraries within international schools.