Claire Ann Murray

Claire graduated from the University of Stirling in Scotland with an honours degree in Animal Biology. After earning this degree, she moved to the South West of England to gain work experience and to complete her master’s degree in Education. Claire has previously taught in the UK after receiving her Secondary Science PGCE from Exeter University, but most recently has been living and working in central Asia.

Intrigued with the world around her, Claire has a passion for exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. She had the opportunity to teach and develop an engaging and high-quality curricula at her previous international school while dealing with the challenges of a new school in a remote location. Claire knows that no single approach can be the right one for the range of students within a class, and it’s that challenge that keeps each day interesting, providing continual learning and self-growth for both students and teachers.  

Outside of the world of work, Claire’s main passion is travelling, having had the opportunity to travel to several exotic locations and sample new foods.  Claire is delighted to have the opportunity and challenge of joining Wellington College Hangzhou, to gain new life and teaching experiences in China.