Emily Zhu

Emily Zhu completed her Master’s degree at Sun Yat-Sen University after achieving her bachelor’s degree in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies where she majored in Chinese Language, Literature and Business English. Her teaching experiences in both international (AISGZ) and local schools have given her comparative perspectives in education. She enjoys being in the company of and lending a helping hand to students when they wander curiously in literature. She finds it impossible to describe the satisfaction she gets when students who once thought learning Chinese was boring, discover a love of Chinese literature. Emily has a strong belief in children’s ability to  think critically about, to feel, and to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language. She is determined to help children make their mother tongue a sincere friend for life and to express themselves with clarity. She believes the cross-cultural environment in a bilingual school will help students not only pick up authentic English but also gain a deeper understanding of their own mother tongue. In previous schools she has been  a member of the campus broadcast and singing group. In her spare time she likes playing the guitar or the keyboard, running and doing yoga. Hangzhou is her favourite city. She is eager to explore its beautiful lakes and mountains and trace its historical stories scattered among them.