Emma Xu

Emma graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2018 where she received a Master’s Degree in Education. Her major is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. The two years learning in America changed tremendously her mind about English teaching in various perspectives, which generated her passion in education. She firmly believes that English teaching should not be restricted to language forms and meaning, but more importantly, the use of English in people’s real lives. In America, Emma had taught at a senior centre for one year and supported Bangladesh primary students with their homework at an English learning organization. The overseas learning experience not only equiped her with advanced theories and approaches in English teaching, but also enriched her teaching experience with students in various ages and backgrounds.  She had also worked as a teaching assistant in New Oriental, a language training organization in China, where she gained skills in effective communication with both students and parents.

In her spare time, Emma likes cooking, baking and listening to music. She also enjoys bicycling with friends. The views on the way and the happiness after long-distance riding helps Emma release pressure and give her great relaxation.