Grace Miao

Grace graduated from Ningbo University in 2012 as an outstanding graduate of Zhejiang province. She was awarded a school scholarship. In addition to her strong academic foundation and practical skills, Grace volunteered to participate in social services as that is something close to her heart. She helped out the aged in nursing home’s and organised a team to teach children English, in the community. She believes in giving back to society and does her best with committing time to it.

Grace has been working in Nursery at an international schools for the past five years, where she gained a lot of professional training and experience in teaching. She is responsible, proactive, caring, patient and collaborative with children, parents and colleagues. She believes every child is different and unique.

In her spare time, Grace likes to read various books about children, and on psychology. She is also fascinated by musical instruments. Grace has learnt to play the flute, cucurbit flute, ocarina, piano and saxophone by watching others play making her an example of self-directed learning.