Hamish Williams

Hamish Williams has worked globally for the past fifteen years in countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia and Qatar. Although predominantly a classroom teacher, he has taught EAL in both a Primary English and Business English capacity. At his previous school, he held the positions of Literacy Co-ordinator and Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator where he was responsible for standardising learning objectives against the National Curriculum and collecting evidence against those objectives for raising student attainment.

Hamish has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Canterbury and also a PGCEi and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Nottingham. His dissertation compared English as an Additional Language to Context and Language Integrated Learning in a classroom environment. He also holds two Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificates. One is for teaching English at a Primary level and the other is for teaching Business English.

Hamish loves English. To date, he has had one poem and a short story published in hardback. He is currently finishing a collection of short stories and is (slowly) working on a novel. Last year, he participated in a Poetry Slam in Bangkok and made it through to the final of three rounds. It was a very rewarding but scary experience. He has a passion for acting having directed three Key Stage 2 productions and has facilitated numerous interschool debates.